Your Healthy Child

Your Healthy Child

Your child’s education indeed is very important to make him/her into a perfect educated person in the world.

It is very important to set goals for your child to achieve and mould them into that high ranker category. It is important to grow your child as a GOOD HUMAN BEING. It is important to guide the child into getting high grades for exams.

But at what cost?
1. To satisfy your dreams?
2. To make them achieve what you couldn’t?
3. To force down those pressures of getting grades to show your neighbours and friends?
4. To create a robot for the rest of his/her life, just in search of those grades?

Can’t we come to terms with Reality?
1. Your child has his/her own Identity and is born in a different time.
2. Every child is unique and is talented in some manner. You need to identify that.
3. You do not need a robot, but a healthy child.
4. Even the not so high graders and the low scorers have the ability to go forward in life.
5. Creating a jealous child with a competitive mind-set is only going to sway him/her far away from you. Teach them to compete with SELF and NOT OTHERS.
6. Cultivate a soft skill in your child which helps them identify the Real them and Excel. That soft skill shall make them happy and help them cope in academics too.
7. Your child’s Health and the right mind-set is far better than those high grades.

Solution for all parents:
1. Be a friend to your child and not just a parent.
2. Sit with them and talk. That’s what every child needs.
3. Motivate and appreciate them even in their smallest achievements.
4. They do not want your latest phones etc., but long for your time spent with them. Look through that.

Let your child live his life and be mentally and physically healthy!


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