West Bengal Board Class 10 question paper images leaked on social media

West Bengal Board Class 10 question paper images leaked on social media

Paper leaked in West Bengal

The posting of photographs of exam question paper of class 10 on social media has been an ongoing problem in Bengal, continuing into the third exam in a row. A news agency reported a senior education official as claiming that on Monday at the third day of the grade 10 board examination in West Bengal. It is stated that photos of history, exam question papers appeared on social media in both languages Bengali and English. Immediately after the exam started, the official said that three candidates were found to have taken images of the question papers with their phones, which they carried out into the center secretly. And they shared the images on whatsapp. As a result, they were eliminated from the examination entirely.

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Approximately, 9,23,045 applicants presented their papers during the day at 2,675 locations around the state. According to the official of the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education, they punished a total of 14 candidates in a similar manner over the first two days of the class 10 board examinations that commenced on February 2. The authorities punished 12 candidates for circulating the English exam on February 3, and 2 candidates for circulating the Bengali exam on February 2 on social media. This year total 17 candidates were disqualified from the board examination of class 10.

Misuse of social media in youth

Overuse and misuse of social media among young individuals may have detrimental effects on relationships, mental health as well as general well-being. It is a serious issue. It results in sexual harassment, criminal offenses, violations of employment contracts, misbehavior, unethical judgment etc. these dangerous and unlawful acts occur as a result of the misuse of social media.

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There are some common ways in which youth misuses social media:
  1. Overuse: excessive use of social media sites or platforms can result in addictive behaviors that impact sleep patterns, social interaction as well as productivity.
  2. Cyberbullying: social media also gives people an opportunity to harass, threaten, or spreading false information about others while remaining anonymous or using false identities. In serious situations, this might result in thoughts of suicide.
  3. Comparison & poor self-esteem: Constant exposure to selectively chosen and frequently romanticized accounts of other people’s lives on social media might cause individuals to experience sadness, low self-esteem, and a sense of inadequacy as they contrast themselves with others.
  4. Privacy issues: a lot of young individuals can unintentionally expose private information on the internet, putting them at risk of identity theft, stalking or other criminal activities.
  5. Fake accounts: people make fake accounts to harm others and spread false information about them. They damage their reputation.
  6. Involvement in risky behaviors: spreading information that fosters and glorifies hazardous behavior like drug addiction, self-harm or reckless stunts.
  7. Interacting with strangers: people accept friend requests and starting up conversations with strangers without confirming their identity or motives that put them at danger of abuse or damage.
  8. Engaging in online challenges & dares: engaging in online challenges & dares which might be risky or damaging actions, motivated by peer pressure.
  9. Spreading inappropriate content: youth in dividuals share images, videos as well as messages which are unsuitable for their age group.
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