Understanding Sexual Desires in Teenagers

Understanding Sexual Desires in Teenagers

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Adolescence is such a significant phase in a person’s life when important physical, emotional, and psychological changes place in our body. Adolescence is the stage of, life that begins at the age of 10 and ends at the age of 19. At such age, children are called teenagers and they go through various changes in their bodies. That changes the onset of puberty, which brings the development of private organs, hormonal changes in the body, bodily development, and the awakening of sexual desires.

The development of sexual desires is a normal part of growing up. It can be confusing and complicated at times, but becomes normal with age and maturity. Unfortunately, some taboos and misunderstandings still sex in our society about sex, and these topics are not talked openly about.

This article takes a closer look at this important phase in a person’s life and intends to create a better understanding of it.

1. Natural Part of Development:

Having sexual desire during adolescence is a natural part of human development that every human being has to go through. Teenager goes through hormonal changes, they experience newly found attraction towards the opposite sex. They developed a curiosity about sex and romantic relationships. It is essential to know that these feelings are completely normal and are experienced by every teenager worldwide.

2. Emotional and Physical Aspects:

Teenagers tend to experience a mix of emotions when they go through feelings of sexual desire. Crushes, flings, and infatuations are some of the terms that modern youngsters use to indicate the feeling of attraction toward others. The physical changes that the body goes through during puberty can also lead to curiosity and interest in romantic and sexual relationships.

3. Communication and Understanding:

    It is very important for teenagers to openly communicate their feelings to adults such as parents, guardians, or responsible adults. They should share their feelings, doubts, and confusion to trust an adult who can provide them with support and guidance. As an adult, it is the responsibility of parents to create a comfortable space for the children in which they can feel ok to share their feelings and emotions when they feel necessary.

    4. Need to develop Boundaries and Consent:

    As teenagers explore their sexual desire and feelings, as responsible adults their boundaries must be respected. Adults such as parents and guardians need to understand the consent of teenagers. For a smooth flow of communication and understanding, it is important to understand the concept of practicing consent in building healthy relationships.

    5. Effect of media and peer pressure among Teenagers

    In this modern world, teenagers are often easily exposed to the internet, social media, and other forms of entertainment. The portrayal of romantic, graphic, and sexual scenes is easily shown and portrayed in movies and media. Thus excess shows can change the way teenagers perceive the concept of sex, as media portrayals are mostly unrealistic and problematic in order to gather views from the public. Peer pressure can also convince teenagers to express their sexual desires in different ways. Encouraging critical thinking and teaching positive things about sex as a natural process is crucial to deal with the harmful effects of glamorizing the sexual world.

    6. Awareness of Sex Education:

    Providing information about sex education to teenagers in school might help them be aware. Information about sexual health, relationship, safe sex practice, and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STI) is necessary. Sex education program to create awareness among teenagers about how to protect themselves in case one is engaged in sexual practices

    7. Reducing Stigma and Shame

    In our society, people regard openly expressing matters about sexuality as a subject of shame. The stigma surrounding teenagers is enough to make them afraid to seek help, leading them to put their health and safety in danger. Such as cases of teenage pregnancy is a condenser where teenagers often stay silent about their condition. We need to reduce the stigma about sexual practices to promote a healthy understanding of sexual desires.

    8. Acceptance and Support:

    Teenagers’ mind at this stage of life is quite delicate and unpredictable. They need support and care from their elders when they are going through this phase. They are going through major development in their minds and bodies which might leave them with tons of questions. In that case, teenagers need acceptance from others so when necessary, they could seek guidance from adults and are able to express themselves without fear of rejection. This can lead to positive growth of health and body in them.

    9. Role of Parents

    Sexual desires in teenagers are completely natural. It is a normal part of the development which they are going through in life. At this stage, parents need to understand their children’s feelings and thoughts and have open and healthy communication with them instead of shutting them out. They need to feel the trust and comfort of their parents so they can have a safe environment to let out the doubt in their minds. Parents/Guardians should make them aware of the changes from teenage to adulthood, how to make the right decisions, about safe sexual practices, etc. Having the right information would allow them to navigate through the changes and desires comfortably and freely.

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