Top 10 Signs of Serious Relationship

Top 10 Signs of Serious Relationship


Nothing matches the feeling of excitement of the first stage of love. Feeling of butterflies ticking your stomach and heart racing in the initial stages is pretty common for every couple. However, there’s nothing like when you establish a special and deep bond with someone. It’s quite easy when it comes to start a relationship with a person and get through the honeymoon period because during that time you mostly get to see the nice part of them. The real relationship starts when you get past that honeymoon phase and start getting to know them beyond their appearance. Lets find the essence of deep connection and commitment in serious relationships.

How Do We Describe a Serious Relationship?

A serious relationship can be understood as a relationship where both the parties work together to grow individually. It also includes emotional connection, respecting mutually and sharing the same vision for the future. Having a sense of commitment and taking the responsibility of each other and connecting on an emotional level is required when one seeks to be in a serious relationship. Although people have their own priorities and preferences, being in a serious relationship does involve a commitment of being together and take care of each other’s needs and preferences as well (Gonsalves, 2019). Surviving through the thick and thin and accepting your loved one for who they are is also very important to form a deep bond or connection.

Signs of a Serious Relationship

Although it is very subjective for each individual to navigate the direction of their relationship, here are some signs that can help you identify if your relationship is getting serious and what can help you to strengthen your bond with your partner:

1. Appearance Takes a Backseat:

most of us have been in that situation when we arrange the first date with someone and we want to look and appear our best in front of our date. After-all first impression matters a lot. First few days, weeks or sometimes even months we are very conscious of how we are presenting ourselves in front of our partners. However, when appearance starts taking a backseat and you get more comfortable with your partner so much so that you skip such formalities, it can be a major sign that your relationship is moving in the direction of getting serious and you are connecting with your partner at a deeper level.

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2. Spending Time Becomes a Part of Your Routine:

you don’t need to wait or exclusively plan spending time with each other. They become a part of your routine and it becomes an unsaid norm to spend time together by default. It represents the commitment that you are establishing in your relationship by consistently committing your time to them and vice versa.

3. Intimacy and Sexual Chemistry:

Some couples have a great intimate and sexual bond since start while other take time to develop the sexual understanding and preferences on one another. When you start communicating your sexual preferences, fantasies and things you want to explore, it strengthens your emotional intimacy as well leading to better understanding in the relationship and a sense of physical comfort as well.

4. Developing Your Own Rituals:

Doing together things consistently such as morning walks, Saturday movie nights, playing cards, planning camping every month, trying out new restaurants or cuisines etc. These things help you to form a behavioral pattern in tune with your partner which shows that you are open to experience different things with them. This helps to form a sense of commitment in the relationship and strengthens it.

5. Living Together:

You start to realize that you are leaving more stuff at your partner’s house after several sleepovers. You find yourself spending more time at their place than your own, from a toothbrush to multiple outfits. Moving in together is an indication that you two are committed to each other and that your relationship is becoming more serious.

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6. Monogamy:

It is very important to make sure in the relationship is monogamous which means your partner is not pursuing other romantic interests of relationship. Being monogamous ensures that the person exclusively intents to be with you and has a vision for your relationship.

7. Getting Involved with Family and Friends:

Itis a sign that your partner is serious about you. Getting in their social network and involved in their circle means that the person is open to build a long lasting relationship with you and plans to involve and welcome you in their life.

8. Managing Conflicts Well:

Every relationship is a fairy tale until you reach that stage where you start having difference of opinions, insecurities, fights over petty things out of frustration etc. If you and your partner are able to take fights well and communicate the misunderstandings, it shows the willingness of being together despite hardships. Getting through fights and conflicts helps you to get closer with your partner if handled healthily.

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9. Better communication:

Communication is key to every relationship. And in serious relationship, it is important to be open and honest while communicating with your partner. Transparency of emotions is also very important which can be only done through communication also, understanding each other’s patterns of communication is also very important in a serious relationship.

10. Discussing the Future Plans:

When people are serious about their relationships, they don’t shy away from having discussions like the future of the relationship, current status, upcoming goals etc. It’s important to plan and discuss some future goals to have a better understanding of what you want from life and your relationship. If you and your partner find yourself on the same page, it can be an indication of a serious relationship.


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