The Heaviest Meditation

The Heaviest Meditation


Where are you at this moment? Are you in between the words of this article? 

Are you thinking about the yummy food that you will eat soon after this? Or are you confused about whether to read this or not? Wherever you are, let me tell you one thing, if you can be fully present at this moment then you will be more self-aware than yesterday. Contemplative practices are those that allow us to silence the mind amid the crowded thoughts of everyday life. They help us in healing and improving our health. 

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The beginning of these practices can be traced to the philosophy of Confucianism and the religion of Buddhism. The Buddhists understood the importance of anchoring the wandering mind and trained themselves to pay conscious attention to the process of breathing. While the Confucianists believed in disciplined attention called Jing zuo or Quiet Sitting. 

As time flew movement-based contemplative practices came into existence which is based on the concept of mind-body connection. It is the integration of mental,  emotional, sensory, and physical experiences. Tai chi, qigong, Kalaripayattu, and yoga are examples of movement-based contemplative practices.

The number of people performing weight training has been increasing than before.  People usually do this to improve health, develop strength, manage weight, or as a stress buster but what if someone tells you that weight training makes you more mindful? You might have gone through several articles that have explained the need to be mindful in the gym or how mindfulness can reduce the gap between you and your fitness goals. The truth is you can learn the art of being mindful from weight training itself.  

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The Mirror  

The mirrors in the gym are not just telling you how charming you are but also make you more conscious of how your body looks, they help to make you more self-aware and also help you to accept your physical body by continuously presenting it to you. A gymgoer slowly develops the habit of checking his/her physical appearance while entering, during, and after the workout which is about self-awareness.

Handling weights 

While weight training you will be handling different weights and types of equipment,  be it light or heavy it is always important to handle it with care or maybe even a 1 Kg dumbbell can get you injured. The point is the weights compel you to be more aware of yourself and your surroundings.  

Proper Form 

Proper form is important for better results and fewer injuries. Your trainer might have pointed it out to you several times to concentrate on correcting your form in between reps. Look at yourself in the mirror and keep an eye on your form always and slowly you will feel like it is just you in the gym and everything else will vanish for the moment. 

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Understanding Body’s Capacity 

As you tune into your body you will start to feel the strain of every body part, the relaxation and contraction of muscles, the pattern of your breathing, the sweat dripping off your body. You will slowly notice the effort your body is putting out just for you. Now you will understand how your body is adapting to this journey and with time you will see results where you can lift those heavy weights with more ease than the last time. This way you will develop body gratitude and a better relationship with the body as you realize that your body is not giving up on you just like how you want it to be.  

Personal Trainer 

A personal trainer is more than just a guide and a motivator, having a personal trainer is like having someone who will constantly remind you to be mindful. They teach you workouts, and techniques, will remind you to keep the form, and about which muscle to focus, and will be there to keep track of your sets and reps. They will be there to watch over your surroundings and this gives you more chances of focusing on yourself. Even having a workout partner will help you a lot. 


These points tell you how mindful the process of weight training is. This is a meditation as during the process the person who is lifting is supposed to consciously attend to what they are doing and take control over self. The gym is not just for your body but also for your mind. Lift weights to uplift your body and mind.

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