New Notification related to NIMHANS online Entrance schedule

New Notification related to NIMHANS online Entrance schedule

The National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro-Sciences is a renowned medical institution situated in Bengaluru. NIMHANS announces session 1 online entrance test will be rescheduled for both undergraduate and postgraduate level students. It will be for medical as well as for the non-medical department. There is a possibility of the dates being released soon as it has not yet been announced. The applicants have been notified to  re-select their preferred location of the city. This is to take into consideration the current scenario of Covid-19.

The session 1 online test for post graduate and undergraduate were scheduled for March 2020, but due to Covid-19, the exams were postponed at that time for safety purposes. Pandemic brought about very sudden and drastic changes in the lives of the people all over the world. People started thinking ways of coping up, processing and understanding the situation to act upon it effectively and efficiently. As the situation of pandemic created a panic among the people in the society it was essential to take needful measures for the security and the safety of the students. The pandemic situation made everyone puzzled about how to handle the condition? What to do in this situation? How to stop this? These are the questions that were raised without a confirmation of an answer. Covid-19 has put a pause button to the regular schedule of people for months now. Students were confused about study schedules, their exams will be conducted or not? When will the exams be conducted? As the months have passed by there has been betterment in the way of things being handled. People are trying to bring about stability by taking needful precautions like sanitisation, proper hygiene, cleanliness,  keeping social distance for safety purposes. It acted as a pause button for the education of the children as well. Gradually online classes started to keep the students connected to the education system. There have been exams which were postponed or cancelled because of the current conditions. Universities and Institutions need to make all kind of arrangements to make sure about the safety of the students and the staff members. There is a necessity to keep up with the daily news for updates related to education, work, current situation all over the world.

NIMHANS has a great variety of courses which they provide to the students. Some of the departments are Psychiatry, Clinical Neurosciences, Clinical psychology, Epidemiology, Nursing, Neurochemistry, Speech pathology and audiology etc. They also have Centre of public health,  Central animal research facility, NIMHANS Centre of well-being, Physiotherapy Centre etc. There are specific facilities also provided like Biomedical engineering, NIMHANS hostels and quarters. NIMHANS provides great range of courses for career choice.


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