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Psychology Behind Commitment in Relationships

Commitment is a frequently used word, especially in the context of relationships. But the relationships need not necessarily be platonic or romantic. These serve as the very foundation of every relationship. John Michael, a Professor of Psychology, says, “Commitment is


Top 12 Psychology Books That Are A Must-Read In 2024

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” is a famous quote by Dr. Seuss. Perhaps no key opens more doors than a good book. Books are


Master the Art of Research: Topics and Tips for Your Psychology Paper

Writing a psychology research paper is a journey through the depths of human behaviour and mental processes. Therefore, choosing psychology research topics is crucial for a compelling paper. Before diving into your research proposal, a thorough investigation of journal databases


The Psychology Behind Meeting Overload

Imagine you’re starting your day early, fresh in the morning with a cup of coffee in your hand. After a while, you go sit at your desk, eagerly waiting for a productive day and log in at your first meeting


6 Reasons You Should Study Psychology

Psychology, often defined as “the scientific study of mental processes, experiences and behaviour in different contexts”, encompasses a broad range of understanding of the human mind and behaviour. By employing scientific methods such as experimentation, testing, observation, and analysis, psychologists


Experts Reveal The Psychology behind Dating App Addiction

The world is a small place and this has also influenced how people find their romantic partner. There was a time when people got married only to people near their locality, with advancements in transportation, we were allowed to travel

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Psychology Behind Habit Stacking

Trying to modify old behaviours or introduce new ones—and have them stick—is famously tough. Of course, some people appear to acquire behaviours quickly or with great discipline, but for the rest of us being just mere mortals, finding an efficient

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Psychology behind Innovation

The human mind and the incredible ideas it can come up with are indeed interesting. But what drives these ideas? What must have influenced the founders of Swiggy or Zomato to introduce innovative platforms that connect consumers with local restaurants—

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The Psychology Behind Skincare Obsession

Cleopatra from Ancient Egypt is known as one of the most beautiful women that mankind has ever seen. History says that Cleopatra used to follow a proper skincare routine as she used to bathe in milk and honey to hydrate


Psychology behind Inspiration

Inspiration is that mysterious quirk that energizes and makes creative ideas. It is the impact that pushes artists to compose pure works, scientists to explore new laws and principles, and entrepreneurs to innovate Whilst inspiration without a doubt proves to