PUBG Banned in India!

PUBG Banned in India!

The current breaking news says that PUBG mobile has been banned in India along with 118 Chinese apps. Ministry of Information and Technology has banned PUBG and 118 other mobile applications. The decision taken is for the well-being of the country. Millions of children and adults who used PUBG as a source of entertainment were getting fixated on an extreme level. This is for the safety of the nation. It is to safeguard the young generation of the country. Taking into consideration the current pandemic situation which has affected the whole world, people at home have been scrolling down on various applications to pass their time. The decision made needs to be understood by the people of the society.

Family members, parents were worried and were complaining about their children being on the phone all the time playing PUBG, which had numerous negative effects on the child’s personality as well as their health. The game includes negative factors like violence, groupism, abusive language etc. Children are very young to understand the negative energy that was getting transmitted through the game into them. There are cases all over India of increase in abusive language and violent reactions from teenagers and adolescents as a result of playing PUBG. The mental health of the children got affected badly.

Children get influenced very easily. Games online are available and accessible to everyone nowadays which is why children have the liberty to use those apps. If one individual starts playing, then they influence the other members of the group to do the same by telling them fascinating stories and features about the game. Things went to such an extreme level that parents have taken their children to a mental health professional or a Counsellor for therapy to help their child with the PUBG addiction. Even if it is not an addiction, children stayed engrossed in the game for hours. Investing maximum time of the day playing such a violent game where the motive is to kill the participants in the opponent team is very dangerous.

PUBG has affected the academic performance of the children. Children investing time and energy just to win the game along with their friends as team mates became the motivation. There are cases of children skipping meals, forgetting to keep a check on their health and daily routine. The game had created disturbance in not only the children’s lives but also the family members.

The people of the country need to be together and supportive of the decisions being made. Being understanding is going to help in this situation. Children might react negatively because of the ban, but as parents or primary care givers making the children understand the importance of the ban is the major and vital responsibility which needs to be taken up appropriately.

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