PUBG and its effects

PUBG and its effects

The most popular game amongst the youth is……..?? “PUBG”!!!

The online world has exploded into battle royal madness, with the launch of a huge game called “Player Unknowns Battleground” (PUBG). It is developed and published by PUBG Cooperation, a subsidiary of South Korean video game company Bluehole.

In the game, up to 100 people parachute on an island and hunt for weapons to kill other team members, while avoiding getting killed themselves. The last survivor of the game is the winner.

PUBG is accused of being a violent game, hence is banned in China due the same reason. Excessive violence triggers aggressive behaviours, aggressive emotions, thoughts and behaviours, therefore making him less human. The game is becoming an addiction. They can give up their meals, academics and also compromise on their quality time for this game.

Side effects of PUBG:-

1. People are getting so engrossed in this game that they are losing on to their creativity. They are unable to explore new things, rather are confined to this game only.

2. Playing a viral video game, tends to make a person similar to what he or she is being exposed to. Therefore this game leads to an increase in aggressive behaviour. Increase in violent thoughts and may also cause depression in many people. Addiction to playing PUBG might cause the person to get stressed and face anxiety very easily.

3. People might even suffer from loneliness as they play this game while sitting alone.

4. People may also witness a change in their sleeping pattern. They may even compromise on their sleep as their map isn’t over yet, or after staring on the screen constantly, their eyes become watery and start to pain. They are unable to sleep which causes the person to get irritated very easily.

5. It also leads to a bad physical health also. We tend to strain our eyes while continuously gazing at our mobile or computer screens. It causes severe headaches, backaches and other health issues.

Recent news as reported by The Hindustan Times says that:

An 18years old boy hanged himself and committed suicide after having an argument with his family over buying a new a Rs. 37000/- smartphone to play the most addictive game PUBG. Parents settled at buying him a Rs. 20000/- smartphone, which did not satisfy his wants leading him to take the most extreme step.

PUBG is an extremely popular game with around 200 million downloads and around 30 million people play this game daily.

Playing too much PUBG can make you miss out on many things and can also mess up your life!!!!

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