Psychological Disorders: What do people know about Mental Disorders in India?
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Psychological Disorders: What do people know about Mental Disorders in India?

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Psychological Disorders : There is no denying that mental health is something that needs talking about. The rate of awareness in India is slow and the stigma is still high. A part of the stigma also revolves around psychological disorders. A mental disorder is an impairment in psychological and behavioural pattern caused due to genetic, environmental and socio-cultural factors; affecting the optimal level of functioning in personal, professional and social life. Unfortunately, not every knows that. Aside from a few common disorders such as depression, anxiety and schizophrenia, there doesn’t seem to be anything else going around. So today we’re off to see what the people here know, or don’t know about psychological disorders.
Conclusion: All humans are equally deserving of compassion and respect. Unfortunately, our stigma and lack of awareness doesn’t allow that compassion to reach every part of the population. Using demeaning terms such as ‘paagal’ or ‘mental’ or ‘retarded’ trivialise the issue of mental health disorders. It is important to understand what a person suffering from a disorder is going through and to know what it means to have a disorder. Only then will the fight against the mental health taboos be successful. If you want more information, visit us at You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. For more exciting content, subscribe to our magazine PsychoLogs, which is India’s First Psychology Magazine. Just visit our page and hit the subscribe button.

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