OPS urges the Tamil Nadu Government to make efforts to prevent suicide caused by the Coronavirus.

OPS urges the Tamil Nadu Government to make efforts to prevent suicide caused by the Coronavirus.

 According to a survey, the 15–29-year-old age group in India has the highest suicide rate. Two-thirds of the women who committed suicide were under the age of twenty-five. A similar tendency may be seen in a 2009 study from the National Crime Records Bureau. Girls had a suicide rate of 148 per 100,000, whereas males had a rate of fifty-eight per 100,000. Suicide attempts are more prevalent in women than committed suicide in males.

According to research, those who live in cities are more likely to commit suicide or attempt suicide. Suicide attempters were more likely to be women with a lower educational position than males. In one study of attempted suicides in India, 55.5 percent of those who tried suicide were illiterate. Most suicide attempters were from single-parent households.                            

The most prevalent ways of suicide in India in 2009 were poisoning, hanging, and self-immolation. The NCRB’s 2010 report summarises this tendency. Plant poisons are more commonly used as a technique of suicide/attempted suicide in India and Southeast Asia. The most common means of suicide is hanging, followed by drug overdose and self-immolation. Less prevalent are violent means like drowning, leaping from a great height, and strangled. Self-immolation has lately been used as a form of protest government policy in India, as well as by Buddhist monks in South Vietnam and Sri Lanka.

The intentionality and lethality of suicide are important dimensions that describe the motive behind the act. Motives may go beyond Freud’s concept of the ‘wish to kill’ and beyond Durkheim’s sociological typology. In an Indian study of suicide attempts, the motive was separated into two groups: those who wanted to change and those who wanted to die. In India, family difficulties were among the top ten reasons of suicide in 2009. The sickness might include mental illness, dysfunction, and substance misuse or addiction. Suicide pacts are seen as suicide pacts in couples or families rather than as part of religious cults as in western societies. Most suicides are seen as suicidal ideations for couples or families rather than as part of a religious cult, as in western societies.

Early parental deprivation, loss, and sadness are other risk factors for suicide. Another risk factor is a family history of alcoholism and depression. The emotional response of women to suspicions about their faithfulness is significant. Financial problems, marital strife, delusional jealousy, and suicidal thoughts voiced by the alcoholic are all determinants of suicide attempts in this demographic.

Following the suicide of a 23-year-old lady in Madurai with her three-year-old kid due to fear of covid, officials in Madurai are emphasising the significance of mental health and welfare. O Paneerselvam, the AIADMK’s coordinator, asked the Tamil Nadu government to take efforts to prevent similar events. According to police, a deadly chemical was taken by a family of five living in MGR Nagar in Kalmedu near Sakkimangalam in Madurai on Sunday.

Jothika, 23, and her son Ritish, 3, died in a suicide note, while her mother Lakshmi, 46, and her brothers Adhi, 16, and Sibiraj, 13, fled. Inquiries found that they had taken serious action after the death of Lakshmi’s husband Nagaraj, an employee and family member, in December. Jothika’s husband had abandoned her, and the family was in deep trouble. Jothika was diagnosed with the virus a few days ago, which raised concerns about the virus and the future of the family.

The health department and civic body staff had recommended Jothika to be subjected to home quarantine and had also sprinkled bleaching powder around their residence, according to his testimony on Monday. Neighbours began to treat the family indifferently, according to the AIADMK leader, exacerbating the family’s mental health. Apart from focusing on treating those who have been infected with the virus to help them recover and contain the spread, the government should also focus on the mental health of those who have been infected and their families, according to OPS, because they will be distressed due to indifference shown by neighbours.

He encouraged the government to recognise the financial impact of the epidemic on these families and to assist them in recovering. He requested specific attention from the Chief Minister on these issues, emphasising that raising awareness is also a government obligation. The AIADMK leader expressed condolences to the deceased and requested the government to compensate the families.

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