Nyctophile: Why Does the Night Fascinate Me?

Nyctophile: Why Does the Night Fascinate Me?

Because the universe is expanding, distant stars and galaxies are moving away from us. So, much as slowing down a record, the Doppler effect causes stars travelling away from us to grow redder. And as they get further away from us, they turn redder and redder until they reach infrared. Then we can no longer see them, at least not with our human sight. As a result, the night sky appears dark. The entire sky would be as bright as the sun if we lived in an infinite, unchanging universe. But the sky is dark at night for two reasons: first, the universe had a beginning, so there aren’t stars in every direction, and second, the light from super distant stars and even more distant cosmic background radiation is redshifted away from the visible spectrum as the universe expands. So we simply cannot see it.

Evening people make up about 25% of the world’s population, whereas morning folks make up 25%. The remaining 50% are the fortunate ones who are happy at both times. Chronobiologists advise those who do not have this luxury to respect their biological clock. Although it can be challenging at times to balance your personal rhythms with your career, social, and personal obligations.

What is Nyctophilia?

Are you one of those folks who feel significantly more at ease after the sun sets and darkness falls?  The feeling that your life is significantly better at night, also known as nyctophilia, is known as the love of the night.

The darkness provides relaxation and comfort to nyctophiles. It’s like finding tranquillity in the midst of chaos. A sense of warmth in the nights when they are alone with themselves. Nyctophiles are mesmerised by the darkness and stillness, with no one in between, and they don’t want to converse with anyone. Where they can feel comfortable and enjoy the darkness peacefully without having people around them. Nyctophiles believe they own the darkness. They wait for the day to end so they can enjoy the night. Mornings are nice, but the calm that the darkness provides is a whole different experience that only nyctophiles have.

Why does the night fascinate you?

The darkness both attracts and enchants. As shadows progressively blanket the world, time appears to slow down. The rush and bustle of the day give way to solitude and peace.

The night hosts the party’s ecstasy. It’s a moment when artists have their most creative ideas, while others are worried. Our civilised world has bright nights. Despite our artificial lighting, the night scene is renewed by the prevailing darkness. It stimulates intuition and sharpens the senses.

Nyctophilia transforms the night into a completely different realm. The night is associated with the forbidden, transgression, illicit pleasure, decadence, death, it’s a world away from mediocrity.

Sings of a nyctophile
  • You dislike the heat and prefer the cool of the night: The temperature drops after sunset, and the oppressive sweltering subsides. And there is nothing more refreshing than a breath of chilly night air after a scorching summer day.
  • One of your favourite scents is the smell of the night: While the night air is cool, the smell is nearly hypnotic. Thousands of flowers, trees, and plants provide a plethora of scents that mingle harmoniously. The smell of a summer night is poetic.
  • The silence and lack of people have a certain allure: It’s not just the air and aroma that make the nighttime so special. It’s also the lack of human voices, automobile sounds, and other city sounds. The silence that reigns during the hours of darkness is immensely meditative. You can finally relax and ponder when there are no distractions.
  • At night, your mind is overactive: It stands to reason that a lover of the night would also be a night owl. In any event, a nyctophile will have more vitality at night. If you are one, your thoughts never stop flowing, and your best ideas come to you during the hours of darkness. All of this makes it tough to sleep.
  • At night, you experience a surge of inspiration and creativity: Not only is your brain overly active at night, but your entire creative self appears to arise by dusk. New ideas are flooding your head, major questions are arising, and profound thoughts are keeping you awake. You may be moved to do something creative, such as writing or painting. You could even engage in some midnight pastimes or hobbies, such as stargazing or nighttime swimming.
  • One of your favourite pastimes is stargazing: You will have a special affection for stars, the moon, and other celestial bodies if you are a nyctophile. A summer night is ideal for looking into the celestial abyss, which seems to communicate with your deepest soul. It’s as though some faraway homeland is watching us through the unattainable stars. Staring at the starry sky on a summer night is one of the most meaningful experiences that inspires you to consider things bigger than yourself.
How are nyctophiles?

Nyctophilia is neither a sickness nor an illness. It really isn’t. Some people prefer mornings, some prefer evenings, while yet others prefer the darkness of the night.

They are free to be themselves without fear of being judged. Even if they are drowsy, they do not sleep at night because they do not want to miss the darkness. They’d have to wait for another day to end before they could enjoy the night again.

You don’t have to go out to enjoy the darkness or your nights if you’re a nyctophile. You can also enjoy it from the comfort of your own home. Some people find themselves in the dark. Everyone has a unique way of expressing their love for the darkness.

Nyctophiles tend to work more efficiently and diligently in the dark rather than during the day. They find comfort in the nighttime and tend to work hard and enjoy it. They believe that their thoughts are more strong in the dark than in daylight.

When the lights go off, the darkness provides them with protection. The person who has gone so much through the dark eventually comes to love the darkness, which is not a problem. They simply begin to enjoy the darkness so much that it makes them happy and alive. They begin to feel more liberated at night than during the day.

Nyctophiles feel they belong in the shadows. They admit that they prefer the darkness or nighttime to anything else.

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