Why did NABH took away recognition of IHBAS?

Why did NABH took away recognition of IHBAS?

Institute of Human Behaviour and Allied Sciences (IHBAS), took away the recognition from The National Accreditation Board of Hospitals and Healthcare providers (NABH). It was recognised three times in a row as the largest psychiatric hospital in North India from 2012 to 2018. NABH has been conducting the survey since 2019 for the recognition in 2021. The survey was to test the quality of services provided. There were several flaws found after the survey was completed. One of the major flaws was that the health of the group B and group C employees were not checked. Because of this drawback the employees who were working in these two groups were checked and investigated on, and the deficiency was removed. There are other drawbacks which have not been clearly mentioned for reference.

There was an impact on the services provided due to the lack of employees/professors in the organisation.  The quality of the services were affected due to lack of professors. There are 103 positions of professors but then currently there are only 25 professors working at IHBAS. It is known that there are seven autonomous hospitals. This recognition is given for providing quality services to hospitals and health establishments in the capital. Among the seven hospitals only Chacha Nehru Children’s Hospital and Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences (ILBS) have this recognition. The hospitals have taken important measures needed for the safety of the huge population in the pandemic period. Covid-19 situation has created panic in people’s lives and this is why guidelines have been provided so that the situation is in control through following the same.

There was consistency in providing quality services since the start which is why they had received the recognition. The hospital accreditation program started in the year 2005. This program was started in order to uplift and improve the healthcare services and patient safety and private and public hospitals. There are certain programs taken up by different health institutes and hospitals to maintain a stability and proper quality of service.

Hospitals are to provide the best of services to the people of the society for their safety. Experienced doctors and professors are hired in order to give the best to the people in need. Health care professionals are the ones who take the oath of helping people in need. Doctors save life, they are helpers in bringing life. It needs to be kept hygienic as it is to avoid any kind of health issues. It is safe to visit hospitals when the sanitization is maintained properly. The health of the visitors matter and it needs to be kept in check. The patients and their family rely on the service providers with their health life so it is the responsibility of the hospitals or the institutes to maintain the decorum.

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