New Biopsychology Book Released in New Delhi for Psychology Entrance Exams 

New Biopsychology Book Released in New Delhi for Psychology Entrance Exams 


A biopsychology book was released for psychology entrance aspirants in New Delhi. This book aims to serve as a comprehensive resource for students facing challenges in biopsychology and neuropsychology. Meanwhile, It is designed with a focus on competitive entrance examinations like MPhil, UGC, PhD etc. It can be helpful to get admission into IHBAS, RML and NFSU. Arvind Otta, Author of this book said “The Book is written based on approx 100 previous Psychology entrance question papers. This book is curated for entrance exams for enough emphasis is given on practice as well. This book can make a significant impact on entrance preparations.”

According to the publisher, the book includes interactive labelling exercises with images to aid memorization, flashcards for revising key concepts, chapter tests to assess understanding and track progress, and mock tests to simulate exam conditions and boost confidence in test-taking skills. “In addition to this,” the publisher said, “the book is filled with practice questions and illustrations to help the students enhance their comprehension of complicated concepts and prepare better for the Entrance examinations.”

For those seeking a comprehensive source to study the complex concepts of biopsychology or neuropsychology, or professionals in need of refreshing their knowledge, Dr. Arvind Otta’s book could be a valuable choice.

If you’re a psychology student who finds it challenging to differentiate between different parts of the brain, the nervous system, and the names and functions of various neurotransmitters, or if you’re struggling with understanding biopsychology and neuropsychology in general, you’re not alone. These fields are crucial for mastering psychology but can be demanding to comprehend. Remember, overcoming these challenges is a significant part of the learning process.

Biopsychology and Neuropsychology are some of the most important topics without which it is quite difficult to crack any psychology entrance examinations like MPhil, UGC, PG, PhD etc. Constant practice is the solution to studying biopsychology and neuropsychology but finding the right sources could be difficult. In that scenario, The book can be an aid for students. The book is presently available on Psychologs and the UPS Education website.


1. What is Biopsychology? 

Biopsychology is a branch of psychology that is interested in studying how biological aspects of humans affect the way they behave and their mental processes. 

2. How many questions can we find from biopsychology in entrances? 

There are no fixed numbers but biopsychology can help students answer 8-12 questions in exams.

3. Are there chapter-wise questions to practice in the book?

Yes, for every chapter there are questions to practice as well as sample question papers has also been given

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