National Mental Health Survey: 2nd Phase to Begin in a Month

National Mental Health Survey: 2nd Phase to Begin in a Month


The National Mental Health Survey (NMHS-2) has been planned to begin in a month. The goals, vision, mission, objectives and expected outcomes of the NMHS-2 have been prepared and formulated.

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare the Government of India initiated the National Mental Health survey-1 during 2015-2016 in 12 states to understand mental health issues and the patterns in which individuals seek treatment or intervention. The earlier survey sought a basic understanding of mental health.

Similarly, NMHS 2 has been planned to be conducted in two phases in 2023- 2025 by NIMHANS. This NMHS-2 is under preparation to know the representative surveys, launch surveillance sites, establish cohorts for longitudinal studies, and conduct implementation research. NMHS 2 aims to estimate prevalence, assess disability and care pathways, examine socioeconomic impact, and characterize mental disorders in vulnerable populations.

NIMHANS director Pratima Murthy seems to have said that the current survey would be conducted almost in all the states and would also look into the impact of COVID-19. In addition, she has said that the current survey would check specifically the mental health status of the tribal population; impact of the climate change and disasters on mental well-being; perinatal and geriatric issues etc.

From all of these, it could be crooked upon the following significant objectives of NMHS: to know the prevalence of the major mental health disorders; identify the disability, pathways to treat the issue, socio-economic impact and burden of illness on the family; to learn about the mental health issues in the more vulnerable or special population; to conduct Mental Health system Assessment and to empower various systems and institutions that would contribute to the empowerment of mental health.

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