MGMCRI and Lycee Francais are collaborating to boost Students’ Mental Health

MGMCRI and Lycee Francais are collaborating to boost Students’ Mental Health


LIFP has collaborated with Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute, a constituent unit of Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth, to develop mental health programs for schoolchildren. The agreement was signed by Nirmal Coumare, SBV’s Director of Health, Hospitals, and Outreach programs, and Jean-Marie Yhuel, Principal of LIFP, which is part of the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE) network, which includes over 500 French high schools worldwide. He expressed hope that the partnership’s scope, which includes screening, diagnosis, counselling, disability certification, and periodically informing parents and caregivers about their ward’s mental health state, would assist the students.

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This was especially pertinent at a time when both the French and Indian governments placed a high priority on student mental well-being. According to Nihar Ranjan Biswas, Vice Chancellor of SBV, the World Health Organization (WHO) strongly recommends that mental health intervention in schools be provided at four levels. Because of our diverse socioeconomic environment, we must essentially accept this multilevel program. Professor Avudaiyappan, MGMCRI Professor of Psychiatry, referred to the inter-sectoral role in promoting mental well-being and simply explained the multipronged strategy that will assist in conferring comprehensive mental health on the young minds in LIFP.

The LIFP program would be able to successfully address the complex challenges presented by young people coping with mental health issues. While the participation of mental health professionals in the program may provide credibility and expertise, it is also important to consider the perspectives and experiences of young people experiencing mental health challenges, as they are the ones directly affected by the interventions and their needs should be prioritized. The LIFP program can ensure that its treatments are adapted to the specific needs and preferences of young people by including their voices.

This is due to the fact that children at this age are susceptible to developing mental health issues due to physiological changes and the presence of additional psychosocial characteristics. People who are involved in the creation of programs work better in the long run. They work towards making mental well-being easily accessible for everyone. This makes it convenient for everyone to share their thoughts and feelings. This makes everyone more responsible and dedicated. This approach focuses on how the work view is important to bring changes in life.

Since the requirements and need for mental health for people are changing, there might be changes in the programs also. This method will bring out confidence in adolescents and improve their self-esteem. This will bring out a good and positive change in individuals. By working on projects with others, people could improve their mental well-being, by joining support groups. The changes in mental health will become significant and it will slowly improve. This program will bring out positive results. The strong effort that’s put in will be portrayed and easily observable.

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