Mental health: The dark side of anime creation

Mental health: The dark side of anime creation


Recent research conducted by Japan Animation Creators found that the creators of Anime are facing high risks of mental health and are faced with various issues. As many as 17% of creators faced mental risks in their pasts. The creators are bringing the anime into the real world, which is also widely famous on platforms like Disney Hotstar, Hulu and Amazon. They are struggling with mental issues as the boom of the anime industry with the arrival of many shows and seasons is putting pressure on them. Behind the scenes, there is a dark reality of grappling with mental health risks for animators.

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In the study conducted on 400 animators by the Japan Animation Creators Association, the findings were on the mental well-being of creators.
The results were shocking, 66% are found to have physical fatigue and 68% are experiencing mental health fatigue that grapples more attention. Further explorations found that most to 17% of the creators are engaged with earlier mental health struggles of anxiety, depression etc.

The crafting industry of Anime is getting a setback due to its functioning. For anime enthusiasts or professionals, the revelation is striking. The systematic dysfunction is facing from past years. Complaints ranging from demanding production schedules to chronic understaffing and meagre wages have plagued the sector. Notably, companies like MAPPA Studios have faced criticism for imposing unrealistic production demands, amplifying concerns about the industry’s treatment of its workforce.

As anime is striving globally and getting worldwide famous. Its imperative is to address the well-being of the performing individuals. The report for the Japan Anime Association quantifies the mental health problems in the performers. The way of solution is to provide a sustainable and supportive environment that brings the fantastical worlds to life.

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