Mental health issues rising in Yemen: WHO

Mental health issues rising in Yemen: WHO

Yemen country

Yemen has been plagued by prolonged conflicts, which has negatively impacted the nation’s physical infrastructure as well as the health & well-being of its citizens. People have ignored mental health for an extended period, leading to a burgeoning hidden disaster that is currently escalating. In various regions of the nation, lack access to mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) services has observed and there is insufficiency of treatment facilities as well as trained specialists in these areas. Even though where these facilities are available, people might sense unwilling to use them due to social disapproval.

Around 7 million individuals or 25 percent of Yemen’s population are suffering from psychological trauma & stress because of the ongoing conflict. Everyone needs mental health support but still only 120,000 of the people seeking mental health help regularly have access to services.
WHO collaborated with the European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO) has benefited in prioritizing the most vulnerable individuals with mental illness and also enhances mental health & psychosocial support and care in Yemen.

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Expanding access to services for mental health

In Yemen a mental health worker emphasized the severe lack of resources and trained experts and the urgent need for united effort to expand services and establish a stronger system of mental health support.

Yemen clearly lacks mental health care, particularly when it comes to the availability of educated professionals. A key component of universal health care is mental health. The main goal is to increase public awareness of the value of mental health and to give the desired and necessary support for individuals with mental disorders. And want to enhance offerings and expanding mental health treatment to help more people who need support and care.

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An immediate need for more action:

Collaboration of WHO and ECHO is essential to minimize the service gap and expanding access to high-quality MHPSS. By this partnership, WHO has reinforced 17 MHPSS units throughout Yemen by rehabilitation of services and supplying new furnishings and equipments. Also provide the same units with psychotropic medications & treatments as well as worked to supply capacity building on MHPSS for mental well being professionals nationwide.

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The immediate addressing of Yemen’s mental health issue is necessary as it represents a silent war. Yemen can assist individuals fighting in the shadows to reclaim life by emphasizing mental health treatment, reducing stigma with increased knowledge & creating strong support system.

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