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Mental Health Awareness Week-2020 | Psychologs Magazine

Psychologs is celebrating the Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 observed from 18 May to 24 May by organizing an e-conclave throughout the week from 4 to 7 pm every day. The conclave will be conducted through live talk and Q&A sessions live in Facebook.

About Mental Health Awareness Week

The Mental Health Awareness week is observed every year from May 18 to May 24 by the Mental Health Foundation with an emphasis on diverse themes. The Mental Health Foundation was established after the Second World War and foundation of the United Kingdom National Health Service. The foundation was formed in 1973 when the Mental Health Research Fund formed by Derek Richter merged with the Mental Health Trust. In 2001, the foundation launched the Mental Health Awareness Week from May 18 to May 24 with the first theme being ‘Friendship and Mental Health’. Since then, the awareness week is being observed every year with different themes and corresponding activities from different parts of the world with a comprehensive agenda to address mental health issues and improve psychological wellbeing. This year the theme identified for the awareness week is ‘Kindness’.

Theme: The theme for Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 is ‘Kindness’ which is regarded to be significant in the context of COVID-19 pandemic. The theme kindness was chosen in lieu of ‘Sleep’ which was the initially decided topic. The theme was changed since kindness is proven to be a potential factor in dealing with the mental health issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic and also in promoting overall emotional wellbeing. Kindness is  inevitable as it enables individuals to empathize and empower each other in these unprecedented times.

Psychologs E-Conclave

As part of the Mental Health Awareness Week, Psycholgs is organizing an e-conclave from May 18 to May 24 including various discussions and Q&A sessions with some eminent speakers from the field of psychology. The conclave will be conducted through Facebook Live. Provided below are the details regarding the topics scheduled for each day along with the keynote speakers:

Date: 18th May-2020 (5PM)
Topic: Psychosocial Adaptability & Mental Health in COVID-19
Speaker: Dr. Anand Pratap Singh, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, HOD of Psychology & Mental Health, GBU
Date: 19th May-2020 (5PM)
Topic: Effect of Social distancing and Gender Conflict on Mental Health
Speaker: Prof. Gopa Bhardwaj, Former HOD of Psychology, Delhi University, Chief Editor Advisor, Psychologs Magazine
Date: 19th May-2020 (6PM)
Topic: Using Positive Psychology Skills in Everyday Life
Speaker: Ms. Vikasni Kannan, Registered Clinical Psychologist
Date: 20th May-2020 (4PM)
Topic: Impact of war on Mental Health in Afghanistan
Speaker: Dr. Walid Hussain, Clinical Psychiatrist, Afghanistan
Date: 20th May-2020 (5PM)
Topic: Mental Health issues and lifestyle changes in the time of uncertainty
Speaker: Dr. Virendra Pratap Yadav, HOD of Applied Psychology, SPM College, DU | Associate Editor Advisor, Psychologs Magazine
Date: 21th May-2020 (4PM)
Topic: Behavioral Medicine
Speaker: Mr. C.R Satish Kumar, Clinical Psychologist, Manipal Hospital
Date: 21th May-2020 (5PM)
Topic: Parenting: Let’s do it correctly
Speaker: Prof. Mala Chaliha Talukdar, Retired Principal, Nursing College Dibrugarh
Date: 22th May-2020 (4PM)
Topic: Positivity in Uncertain Times
Speaker: Dr. Samir Parikh, Director, Fortis National Mental Health Program, Fortis Healthcare
Date: 22th May-2020 (5PM)
Topic: Person with Mental illness and their challenges during COVID-19
Speaker: Dr. Jai Praksh, Senior Clinical Psychologist, HOD of Clinical Psychology, RINPAS, Ranchi
Date: 22th May-2020 (6PM)
Topic: Tele-psychology gaining Impetus in the time of COVID-19
Speaker: Dr. Nesmita Das, Students Counsellor, Centre for Holistic Wellbeing, IIT Guwahati
Date: 23th May-2020 (4PM)
Topic: Mind is just an accessory
Speaker: Dr. Jeny Rapheal, Psychologist and Teacher
Date: 23th May-2020 (5PM)
Topic: Socio-Emotional Development in Children
Speaker: Prof. Nandita Babu, Former HOD of Psychology, Delhi University
Date: 23th May-2020 (6PM)
Topic: Combating Stress during the times of uncertainty
Speaker: Dr. Ashima Srivastava, Senior Consultant Clinical Psychologist
Date: 24th May-2020 (5PM)
Topic: Psychology as a Career
Speaker: Dr. Arvind Otta, Editor-in-Chief, Psychologs Magazine

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