Me and My Creative space in the quarantine space
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Me and My Creative space in the quarantine space


“Change is the only static concept to make us do what we keep aside for a long time”

Who could have thought that a minute virus which is hard to see with the naked eye could create such an imbalance and affect the lives of everyone in such diverse ways?

Standing in the middle of nowhere to go, given the advent of the pandemic which came out of the blue like a wave to change our perspectives, I guess to slow us down, to not hurry about things around us, to attain a state of flow in whatever we engage in, invent the nature.

The question here is what to do and how to replace the social conversations that use to take place? When social distancing and self-quarantine is the only way of saving the world and yes loading off our soldier’s doctors with additional burden by not becoming the cases ourselves, being an extrovert it is anxiety-provoking not to engage in outdoors, having said that all my doors to go outside were shut, the concerts postponed, adventure activities on hold, storytelling events being cancelled and theatres closed, I only had one option that is to work on all the to-do list things that were a part of my phone notes and screenshots of what can be done in the free time.

Blogger from quarantine times

 My all-time dream was to engage in writing not for the world outside but for the one within me was now going to become a dream come true given my quarantine in the flat all by myself so the first creative space that I organized for myself was starting blog and journaling about the issues and also some unposted letters to myself that I always felt deeply about like mindfulness, the concept of finding ikigai as Japanese people do and with each day the number of articles I wrote kept increasing and of course the efficiency.

Development of my short film

The second thing that I engaged infamously known as Netflix and chill which was like always on my mind to subscribe as ( free subscription for one month was removed by Netflix ).To watch all the series involving suspense, drama which were postponed because of next day tight schedule of work and assignments. But one thing which made it a part of my creative space was to write an analysis of the series and understand contemporary media to compose my short film still for a long time. This meant including the analysis for writing some of the content for my blog.

Engagement in the learning of a new skill

I have been procrastinating on learning a new skill to make me more qualified so I engaged in learning video editing and photography, I usually have these courses added to my cart but feel totally drained out at the end of the day to log into Coursera or Udemy and learn something new. But now that I have all the time in the world these cart courses are becoming reality in my creative space.


Spend Time Reading

I am a big fan of reading but given to my hectic work and study schedule, these books keep lying in the bookshelf as a showpiece also all covered with dust and complain of why did I buy them in reality altogether. So this time I began to explore and read all the books which became the first thing I did during quarantine days and will continue to do after having my morning coffee as Japanese people say busy today, healthy tomorrow especially the supercentenarians.


Engagement in art and craft

 Trust me when I say I am a big-time stationary hoarder I mean to an extent that my father use to fear to take me to the stationary shop knowing that I would take away all the materials so now given the chance to explore all the bought but not put in use items for work and actually organize my workspace into a creative one.  This can be the opportunity to organize for competitions as they used to be in the schools where the theme used to be best out of waste so this time utilising the waste products in the house to decorate your house or so to enhance the area of study or work whatever suits.


Clean the Clutter and the art of organizing

“Seeing clutter all around us is mentally exhausting and makes us feel tense,” says Sally Augustin, PhD, an environmental psychologist and author of Designology: How to Find Your Place Type and Align Your Life with Design. “The more clutter, the harder we have to work to scan and sort through our surroundings in order to find what we’re looking for or do what we have planned, and that can be stressful.” 

The clutter be it of any kind whether physical or mental,  interrupts my flow, it always did but all went ignored for a long time as it was impacting my ability to reason, to think and to create organization in my mental space so I reorganized and reinvented my wardrobe, study area, folders and files. Honestly, the feeling after decluttering activity drastically enhanced my energy levels and provided so much more peace to myself.

Having a conversation with myself

One activity that has been long ignored which given the present scenario is sitting and introspecting about the things that matter to me and purpose that I want to fulfil in the long run meditating with open eyes and a journey of knowing myself in the actual reality. This was the creator of all the other and also enhanced the productivity of all my other activities.

Organizing one’s space is the most unique yet important mental health care activity to be on the top priority of everyone and this time we don’t have an excuse and ample amount of time and easily achievable targets for creating our own private but creative space for our physical and mental well being also giving us the privacy to be just us in the face of adversities so why not grab this opportunity and create an asset.


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