Why are Dogs Called ‘MAN’S BEST FRIEND’?

Why are Dogs Called ‘MAN’S BEST FRIEND’?


Many of you will agree with me that the first answer which strikes in our mind after reading or hearing this question is dogs are so loveable. Furthermore, a phrase “man’s best friend” for domestic dogs is given by King Frederick of Prussia. Throughout age’s dog has been the most loyal animal to the human beings. There is a long history that they have served humans with loyalty, companionship and close relations. The relation between humans and dogs is old and deep. The connection between dogs and human is pure and natural because they are both social beings . They both benefit each other mentally as they share bonds.

What does science suggest about Human-animal bond?

There is a complex science behind human-animal bonds. There is a reason why we feel so happy around dogs. It is because when we are around them the love hormone releases ie oxytocin. Additionally, studies have shown that having dogs in the house unexpectedly lengthens life expectancy. Dogs and people have a special bond since humans have tamed them to the point that they depend on them for existence. Curiously, though, humans depend on dogs just as much as they do on us. Dogs can also be trained as therapy providers. They seem to be really helpful for various prison programs that benefit the rehabilitation of inmates because when a person visits a therapy dog ​​they feel positive emotions like joy and happiness and these positive emotions helps to spread positivity within the person which may encourage the person to introspect and bring a positive change.

The health benefits of living with a pet include: –
  • A Longer life span.
  • Lower risk of cardiovascular problems.
  • Spread positivity within us & around us.
  • Mood booster as they enlighten our well-being.
  • Reduce stress and frustration.
  • Reduce ill effects of living alone or loneliness.
  • Help to stay focused and happy.
  • Increase opportunities for socialization.
  • Partner in various activities like doing exercise, going for a walk and playing together.
  • Lower the chances of mental health illness.

Even if dogs did not provide direct health benefits, the love and companionship they give to us is priceless . They are at our sides in all our situations be it sad, sick, or lonely. Those love us even when we are rude or grumpy. They seem to care and understand us on a level even we cannot fathom.

Why are Dogs Called ‘MAN’S BEST FRIEND’?

Dogs have become a part of our families. We treat them as our children and take pride in them. We play with them, hold them close and depend on them for service they have evolved to provide and enjoy doing. Dogs are capable of forming unique relationships not only with their owners but with other humans as well. They bring endless happiness to our lives. Dogs are good protectors and there are numerous stories where dogs saved their owner’s life.

They are life savers, they are fearless, forgiving and are capable of giving pure love. No matter who you are and what you become, to your dog you will always be the most important person in his life. Loyalty is a natural behavior for them.

When a dog licks its owner affectionately, endorphins are released into the circulation and the dog experiences a relaxing, pleasant sense. It improve our heart health, decrease depression chances. They see us as family. They reduce the risk of stress-related problems. Thus, making our life better and longer. They prove they are man’s best friend in unforeseen ways. They teach us various moral values ​​and there is so much that we can learn from their behavior ie loyalty, care,adapt well in any situation.

Dog is always around to diminish our loneliness and sadness and in his presence one can never feel alone. Dogs always listen to you and respond with feelings. He gives unconditional love to people around him, especially to us and to our family. You may have many friends but your dog has only you and he is always glad to see you. He will greet you with the same enthusiasm every time you walk into the house. They will always stay loyal and protect you no matter what. He will never leave your side and won’t judge you . Dogs have the ability to sense when you are upset without you telling them and this makes them very understanding.

We sometimes may lash out at our dog without any reason but he won’t complain, he will never ever hold a grudge against us and will still stick to our side. Anytime we want, we can play with them. We can hug them, kiss them, and cuddle them whenever we want. The kind of love, compassion you get from our dog is unbeatable. They are mood boosters . They have been known to die to save their masters. A dog might even die of grief after his master is dead. He is certainly a true and faithful friend.

Dogs truly deserve their status as a ‘ man’s best friend’.

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