Janhvi Kapoor Talked about her Panic Attack in an Interview

Janhvi Kapoor Talked about her Panic Attack in an Interview


Famous actress Janhvi Kapoor opened up about her tough time during the promotion of her upcoming film Mr & Mrs Mahi. She shared her experience of a panic attack during a TV dance show where they played an audiovisual of her mother Sridevi as a tribute to her. 

The sensation of 90’s Bollywood Sridevi passed away in 2018, only a few months before her daughter, Janhvi Kapoor debuted in Bollywood. Janhvi tried her best to recollect herself and promote her first film after her biggest loss.

During the promotion of the film Dhadak, also the very 1st film of her career, Janhvi Kapoor went through a very critical phase of her life. On one side she was dealing with the biggest loss of her life, on the other side she had to be strong and hide her emotions from the world. In an interview with Mashable India, she said, she had a panic attack at a dance show which she had to attend for the promotion purpose of her very first film. 

About her panic attack, she shared that she went to this dance show only a few days after her mother’s death. At that time she was highly vulnerable and her team was also taking care of the fact she didn’t face any incident that reminded her of Sridevi, but unfortunately, they weren’t informed that there would be an event to give tribute to the late actress.

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Though Janhvi admired their initiative she wasn’t ready for it, she added, “So they played an audiovisual of all my mother’s songs with an emotional voiceover, and they started dancing to pay homage. I couldn’t breathe anymore. I started howling and crying. I ran off the stage and went to my van. Had a proper panic attack. They obviously cut all that out and instead put up another clip of me clapping and smiling, and people were like, ‘Does she really not give a f***?’ But what happened was very different.”

Her latest work Mr & Mrs Mahi will be released in cinemas on 31st May, directed by Sharan Sharma. Rajkummar Rao is one of the lead actors in the film. After this one Janhvi will move to Ulajh, slotted to be released on July 5 and Devara with Saif Ali Khan and Jr. NTR.

Many people are suffering from panic attacks and many other serious mental health conditions like Janhvi Kapoor. Some of them fight back but some of them remain clueless about what to do with their condition. Public figures like Janhvi, who show the courage to talk about their suffering help people to identify their problems and seek help for their betterment.

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