Is Being Single Stressful?
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Is Being Single Stressful?

It is important to simply and clarify the misconceptions in people’s mind spread by toxic content, thinking being single a ‘negative’ and committed a ‘positive’ thing. I would like to put forth the facts and advantages of being a self-reliant individual and tell, if being single actually makes you stressful or not. Being in a happy relationship is good however being not in a relationship and having a single status is also good, there is nothing to make a hype out of it. Being single doesn’t mean you are lonely, it just means you prefer to spend time with yourself and enjoy your company, instead of expecting or waiting for some other person to make you happy and cheerful.

Being single and happy or happy couple is just a matter of confidence and understanding. Understanding is important because in marriage, you have to understand and respect each other’s opinions and settle conflicting decisions or views, whereas being single you are independent and a self-decision maker however typically lack of self-confidence and low self-worth can lead to problems. If you are happy with yourself, it’s excellent but if you are not then don’t be concerned you have got your friends and family and someday you may find someone good like yourself and even if you don’t then do not be anxious about it . Relationships should bring peace to each other, not stress. If a relationship cannot offer you happiness and peace or you don’t feel respected and satisfied then you need to rethink about the relation before moving forward. Researchers found that being single is less stressful than being in a relationship but there are some exceptions. Singles invest less time doing household work than married couples and spend more time with friends and family, doing their favorite things and possibly more to a society as married individuals usually get more involved with their children. People who have been single for a long time are hardest to convince to be friends because they became so used to being single, self-sufficient and independent that they really don’t need much external help and have a limited social circle. 

How social media is spreading toxic information related to relationship status?

Fake and toxic content on social media platforms are mainly responsible for spreading false misconceptions and negativity for being a single. They portray being single as a negative thing and use them as a joke opportunity to spread humour. They are making such people feel unhappy and saddened by inappropriate posts which are affecting their mental health and conditioning them to believe such false stuff. A healthy self-reliant individual can feel self-doubt for not having a relationship after continuously consuming such content and may tend to believe such false information as true that he can’t stay happy by himself and need a relationship to be happy. Such a negative effect on mental health can have an adverse effect on life.

No matter what your relationship status is, it is always recommended to have positive and healthy relationships with friends and family as family will never leave your side no matter how bad decisions you make, they always stick to your side and support you. Family must be your priority. Human beings are social animals; they live in society because it is their necessity as they can’t live in isolation. They need other people for their existence as we are all dependent upon each other. Lack of a positive relationship for long time might not come out to be fine for everybody, some could feel sad and depressed after a long time of loneliness. Loneliness could result in high levels of stress and frustration. Excessive stress adversely affects our health and might result in narrow mindedness, making it tough for people to beat challenges in life. Lack of positive social connections can be just as damaging to your health as having negative habits like smoking or alcohol abuse. So, it is necessary to seek help from friends or family or perhaps professionals whenever necessary. Making relationships with people is essential but does everyone succeed in doing so? Bonding takes time, patience and efforts of two individuals to attach. Relationships are always a two-way thing. Communication is considered as key to healthy relationships. However, people can be made to understand situations from the other person perspectives through the use of concrete language and stories that communicate their message effectively. This can help a relationship foster better and enhance understanding.

Every individual is responsible for their own happiness, and can certainly direct themselves towards the happiness. Do whatever you feel like, be single or committed person but if you are not able to find a partner don’t stress out, the care and support you desire, your loved ones are there to fulfill. Never feel lonely in their presence otherwise you will be doing injustice to their love.

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