Incidents of toxic work culture go viral on social media
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Incidents of toxic work culture go viral on social media

The workplace culture today shapes employees’ experiences and well-being in the fast-paced, fiercely competitive corporate environment. Unfortunately, instances of toxic work culture are still prevalent in many businesses, which has a severe impact on workers’ productivity, job happiness, and mental health. This article highlights two recent incidents that reflect the negative workplace and its impact on employees.

Incident at HDFC

Recent events show casing a toxic work environment in India have generated discussions and raised worries among the workforce. On social media, one person wrote, “This kind of toxic work culture is very common in India,” and another said they had decided to leave their position because of similar problems. These comments were made in response to a video that went viral and showed a senior HDFC Bank employee verbally harassing his coworkers while on a video conversation.

The employee was shown on film yelling at his coworkers for missing their sales goals for banking goods and insurance policies. The incident brought attention to the pervasiveness of toxic behaviour in the workplace and sparked debates on the need for healthy workplace procedures.

CA Kanan Bahal Shared the video on 5th June, Which clearly shows the misbehaviour of the senior employee towards their coworkers.

Coding Ninjas

In a separate incident, the Gurugram-based ed-tech business Coding Ninjas came under fire after a video of a watchman preventing employees from leaving the office grounds went viral on social media. The business quickly replied and clarified that the problem was caused by an employee’s regrettable conduct, which was immediately fixed. The company’s owners expressed remorse and apologised to everyone on staff. Stressing that such behaviour was inconsistent with the company’s ideals.

The occurrences have highlighted how crucial it is to promote a positive workplace culture and deal with poisonous situations as soon as they arise. Employers must put their workers’ welfare first and foster a culture of professionalism, respect, and open communication.

Nilesh Kumar mentioned about this incident saying that it is shame of EdTech higher management and that government should take strict action on this action

Shajan Samuel ambassador of FitIndia said that this is not a mistake which is what authorities are claming as no one can do it without any order from higher authorities.

Kamran social media influencer also questioned the authorities for this incident. Also, questions the government by asking the question “What is happening in Bengaluru”?

Ways to Promote a positive work culture

A productive and healthy workplace where people may thrive requires actively promoting a pleasant work culture. Here are some practical strategies for creating and promoting a positive workplace culture:

  • Lead by example: Managers and leaders should demonstrate the attitudes and values they want their team members to possess. They should set a good example for a positive workplace culture by acting with respect, honesty, and open communication.
  • Establish clear expectations and values: Make sure all employees are aware of the organization’s basic values. Make sure that the organization’s mission and goals are in line with these principles. Establish standards for conduct, cooperation, and performance that are consistent with these ideals
  • Communication: Encourage open communication by creating an atmosphere where staff members feel free to express their thoughts, worries, and feedback. To promote open discussion and collaboration, establish frequent communication channels like team meetings, suggestion boxes, or anonymous surveys.
  • Employee appreciation: Show your appreciation for the work and accomplishments of your staff. Publicly thank them for their contributions by giving them prizes or hosting events on a regular basis. To foster a happy and encouraging work atmosphere, celebrate achievements on both a personal and professional level.
  • work-life balance: Encourage employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance by providing flexible work arrangements, supporting wellness programmes, and upholding the separation of work and personal life. Encourage workers to manage their workload wisely to avoid stress and burnout.
  • Establish a welcoming and accepting atmosphere: Encourage an inclusive workplace environment that respects individual differences and values diversity. Implement laws and procedures that shield individuals from discrimination and advance equal opportunity. Encourage programmes and employee resource groups that highlight diversity.
  • Supporting and Integration: Promoting efforts that combine work and personal life, such as flexible work schedules, remote work choices, and family-friendly policies. It is a good way to encourage work-life integration. Supporting workers as they manage their obligations outside of work can help them feel better overall and experience less stress.
  • Positive Feedback: Request employee feedback on their experiences, difficulties, and ideas for development on a regular basis. Conduct routine staff polls or feedback sessions to pinpoint problem areas and swiftly address issues.

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