Importance of Rehabilitation in Mental Health Concerns
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Importance of Rehabilitation in Mental Health Concerns

Have you ever heard the word Rehabilitation or Rehab as it is more commonly known? Rehabilitation is when we take someone from the outside world into a controlled environment so that they are not a threat to themselves or to those around them. Most people when they hear the word Rehab or Rehabilitation tend to think of alcoholics and substance abusers. Although it is true that those people who indulge in substance abuse and alcoholism tend to go to Rehab when they are they are trying to control their condition, it is not only them who do so. There are various other reasons besides alcohol and substance abuse that result in people going to rehab as well.

One can go for rehab even after having faced an extremely traumatic incident if they are unable to carry on in their daily lives and function the way they once did prior to the traumatic incident. This traumatic incident could have happened to the person or even to someone close to them. Since trauma affects different people differently it can be that the person who underwent the traumatic incident firsthand may be relatively okay and may not be having issues with carrying on with their lives and function the way they did prior to the traumatic incident however it could be that someone close to them who may have not even been at the scene wherein the traumatic incident took place may suffer more than the one who underwent the trauma. Although not everyone who undergoes trauma ends up going for rehab, trauma can be one of the reasons one may go for rehab.

There are many times when people realize that they are not functioning the way they once did and may seek help however more often than not it happens after some sort of damage as been done. It’s mostly after someone ends up really hurting someone they love or having faced a situation wherein they perceive themselves to be in a do or die situation of sorts do they realize that they need help. Often people tend to release their pent-up anger and frustration at those around them and sometimes even at themselves and often this leads to a lot of emotional damage which leads them to realize that they need a psychological intervention of sorts to help them become better versions of themselves then they are at that moment. However, this is not always the case and often people are forced to go to rehab. Although more often with people who commit crimes from drunk driving to sometimes even murder it is not only them who are forced to go for rehab. Even severely mentally ill people who have suicidal ideation and have indulged in self-harm multiple times may be sent to rehab. Rehab is not just a place for people who commit crimes to wash away their sins and become better versions of themselves. Rehab is a place where people who do not seem to fit into society anymore because of some issue or another try to find themselves and try to become better adjusted to the society that they are a part of.
There are many goals and purposes of rehabilitation. Some of these include the promotion of self-care, maximizing independence, maintaining and restoring everyday functions, preventing complications and encouraging adaptation etc. The principles of rehabilitation include the promotion of adaption, not just recovery, focusing on the emphasizing ability of the people and treating the client as a whole person and not looking at them as an illness or an ill person, treating and supporting the entire family as the disability affects not just the individual going through it but also those around them as well.

Apart from rehabilitation, there are also other programs and places that work with people in various ways so as to help them find themselves and become better adjusted within society. The concepts of advance directives and halfway homes are not very popular among people and people may not know much about it but they are sort of similar to rehabilitation homes in their work and are for similar causes. Advance Directives work in a similar manner to how will work wherein people who are predisposed to a certain illness make up a plan as to how they would like to be treated and the people that they want around them when they need help. It is when we pre-decide the course for the treatment of an illness in somebody in whom the illness has not manifested itself completely yet. And halfway homes are similar to rehab but is more for people who have undergone substance abuse and committed crimes rather than people with certain mental illnesses. often people go live in halfway homes so as to control themselves instead of going for rehab. There are also many non-governmental organizations that help in the field of rehabilitation. The Banyan is one such organization that is not very well known by people but does an amazing job at looking after the mental well-being of various people in its area including multiple homeless people who have no one to care for them.


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