Impact of Political Tension in India and Canada on Students

Impact of Political Tension in India and Canada on Students

Flags of India and Canada

Each year, thousands of Indian students fly to Canada in order to pursue their higher education. Thus, constituting Indian International students as the largest cohort in Canada. Recently the Geopolitical tension between India and Canada has become a major source of concern. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has accused the Indian government of involvement in the killing of wanted Terrorists which has tumbled down the relationship between India and Canada. After a series of events, the breaking point was when both countries removed their diplomats. For security reasons the diplomatic staff has also been reduced in Ottawa.

To facilitate connectivity in event of an emergency between consulates and Indian students living in Canada, the students can register on the MADAD portal, or with the High Commission of India in Ottawa or with consulates in Toronto and Vancouver through their respective websites. Previously, a travel advisory was issued by New Delhi to caution Indian nations and students to not visit Ottawa. The intensity of the tension surfaced when Indian visa services for Canadian visa was suspended for the moment, which will be reconsidered in the coming weeks. Although, the Indian government has announced that it is temporary no date of restoration has been provided. However, educational consultants have stated that the application process is working smoothly however visa might become a problem.

Uncertainty among students

The action taken by the Indian and Canadian governments in response to the allegation has left students and parents concerned about their future. It has two sides, positive emotions and negative emotions. It sometimes makes people experience the feeling of pleasure, such as watching a mysterious movie or a cricket match while sometimes people encounter anxiety, fear, and tension when certainty is absent in the environment for example during COVID. The students who are planning to enroll for higher education in Canadian universities for the forthcoming cycle of admission i.e., December and January are anxious about the consequences that they might have to bear. Although some students are hopeful that things will settle down until the next cycle begins, others are quite tense about how their future will unfold, especially with the current halt on Canadian Visa proceedings.

Parental Concerns

The parents of the students who are staying in Canada are worried about their children’s safety and security. With the recent rising issues parents has expressed numerous concerns. Some parents want Canadian Universities to shift classes online sending their children back to India. While some parents believe that their children followed proper documentation and visa procedures, so there is no need to worry. Situation like these creates a strong criticism of Maslow Triangle. Maslow outlines the needs in the form of a hierarchical pyramid diagram to understand the motivation for Human Behaviour.

It includes five key needs Physiological, Safety, Love and belongingness, Self-esteem, and Self-actualization, achieving them has a substantial impact on their well-being. Needs are in a linear process wherein the completion of one need makes the individual move to the next. In the triangle security and safety needs are on the second level proceeding with the physiological needs which include food, water, and sleep. However, there are times when the need triangle doesn’t go linear. Security and safety become the primary needs to be fulfilled even before the physiological needs. A similar, experience was when COVID was in its high graph.

Impact of Political Matter

Politics has a significant impact on everyone’s life which can be more or less depending on the context. Any kind of tussle between countries impacts travel, migration, and trade. Thus, affecting millions of people in terms of economy, business, health, trade, and education. The Ecological Model given by Bronfenbrenner explains that the interaction between a child and the immediate environment and the larger environment influences the individual. The model is depicted through five concentric circles wherein politics lies on the fourth circle i.e. Macro system.

The rising tension between India and Canada has impacted thousands of international students in Canada under the house of uncertainty. Also, the students who are preparing to move to Canada for higher education are tense and anxious about their future. The parents of students who are already living as international students are worried about their child’s safety. With the travel advisory and expel of diplomats things have become intense. The tension, anxiety, and uncertainty have significantly shown how a political matter impacts an individual’s life.

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