Impact of coronavirus on the person who is suffering from OCD
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Impact of coronavirus on the person who is suffering from OCD

Impact of coronavirus on the person who is suffering from OCD

The whole world is fighting to defeat a pandemic called COVID 19 or in general, we can call it coronavirus, as we all are aware of its symptoms like fever, tiredness and dry cough which can be recovered in most of the cases but in some cases, it can be fatal. Corona is an infectious disease which is not having any specific medicine to prevent or treat till now so the best way to be saved from this disease is to take proper preventive measures like washing hands, covering mouth while coughing or sneezing and social distancing.

Sounds Easy? Yes

But actually not, you may also agree with the fact that we humans are unique and we all are suffering from different psychological disorders. Some of them are so rare that we even don’t know about it but some of them are quite common like Obsessive Compulsive Disorder commonly known as OCD. It affects people of every age, in this a person recur some thoughts, ideas, sensations or fears which is called as Obsession and that leads that person to a compulsive behavior which means a repetitive behavior just like cleaning, checking something, again and again, putting everything in perfect order, concerning about having some medical condition and so on.

Now the question is what will be the impact of coronavirus on a person suffering from OCD?

OCD is of different types and the symptoms, obsessions, and behavior everything is different so obviously, the impacts are also different. Here we will understand the types as well as the impact of coronavirus on them:

1.Checking:- In this condition, a person is having the urge to check everything like doors, water taps, emails, switches, illness and condition and many more because of the fear of damage or any loss. The impact of this virus on these types of people could be so high because the symptoms are common like fever and cough and out of fear they will doubt normal cough and fever as a corona.

Yes, it has a brighter side also that they will be aware and concern about everything but this stress may lead them to some serious mental disorder.

2.Contamination:- Now this is the disorder we all need to have nowadays, in this a person experiences big fear of harm caused by contamination or dirt to oneself or any loved one. They are worried about clean toilets, shaking hands, crowds, touching any public places and so on. The cleaning and washing everything is one of the symptoms of this, as it’s already said we need this disorder in everyone these days. Apart from this huge positive side, we have a negative side also like washing and cleaning, again and again, it may cause some other cough and cold disease and mainly it will enhance the level of stress in a person.

3.Hoarding:- It is not proper OCD it is OCPD Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder, in this a person cannot resist buying unnecessary things over and over again. The coronavirus may have an impact on these people indirectly in the way that they will buy sanitizers or masks in excessive amounts apart from it the impact is not much.

4.Ruminations:-This disorder is different among all as its completely related to thoughts, in this a person involves into some religious, metaphysical or psychological thoughts like life after death, the existence of God, etc this leads a person to make his own mindset by analyzing all the pieces of evidence he observes or unsatisfied every

time. Mostly these types of persons are detached by surrounding. Coronavirus does not impact these people much but they may start questioning and analyzing it a lot.

5.SymmetryandOrderliness:-This disorder is something which is considered as OCD by most of the people, yes it is but the symptoms of the rest of the disorders could not be analyzed easily by a normal person but symptoms of this are so clear. People with this disorder want everything in order and perfect just like clothes, books, etc. They love neatness. The impact of this virus is just normal they will follow the neatness instructions perfectly and nothing much.

So, after knowing the impacts we need to take some mental preventions also with these physical preventions which we are already taking

  1. Less thinking, the condition is serious but overthinking cannot cure it. Think less discuss what you are thinking with your loved ones.
  2. Be productive, we all are at home free most of the time but it doesn’t mean we engage in these thoughts, again and again, know only necessary things.
  3. Physical workout, it will make your immune system better and help you to fight with the disorder.

After all this the most important point is whether we are suffering from OCD or not we have to follow the instructions, we have to maintain social distancing and cleanliness.

It is for us and we have to do it together. Ask any questions you have in the comments below.

Stay Connected, Stay Healthy, Stay Home.

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