IIT Delhi: Organized a Workshop on Mental Health and Wellness
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IIT Delhi: Organized a Workshop on Mental Health and Wellness

The Ministry of health affairs hosted a workshop at IIT Delhi on stress management and mental health by bringing top professors from all over the world to talk about the problem of mental health.

Health Concerns at IIT Delhi

Health issues at IITs are something not unknown to us. There is so much news about the students experiencing mental health issues at IIT. Students are said to face a lot of demand and pressure at IIT making it difficult to adjust. Unsettlingly, data from the Ministry of Education shows that since 2018, at least 33 students have died by suicide at different IITs.

When speaking about the difficulty of helping students who suffer in silence, P.S. Anil Kumar, Dean of the Wellness Centre at IISc Bangalore, said, “The biggest problem that needs our attention is not the students who come forward to seek help. We are capable of offering help to them. Our true issue, though, is dealing with the pupils who remain silent in their dormitories.

Workshop at IIT

The Ministry of Education organised the event with the intention of helping students deal with the demands placed on them while attending these prestigious institutions. The session is being held in response to growing worries about students’ mental health at prestigious universities.

In his remarks at the event’s opening, IIT Delhi Director Rangan Banerjee emphasised the value of eradicating the stigma attached to seeking assistance as well as retaining anonymity. He acknowledged the critical role that programmes like these play in motivating kids to seek help.

Solution Taken

Tanusree Chakraborty, associate dean of student welfare at IIT Delhi. Pledged to summarise the issues raised and put the suggested solutions into action at various schools. By doing this, they hope to promote a healthier learning atmosphere and give students’ mental health priority.

The event served as a reminder of the pressing need to address issues related to students’ mental health and the shared duty of educational institutions to offer the required support networks. These elite schools may influence good change and advance their students’ general wellbeing by acknowledging the need for mental health support and working towards it.

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