How To Maintain A Healthy Relationship: Know About The Tips?
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How To Maintain A Healthy Relationship: Know About The Tips?

The most crucial aspect of life is relationships. To make our connection flawless, we make numerous attempts. We engage in so many activities that they may potentially damage our connection. We can’t exactly make or break a relationship in a single day, after all. It requires time and is a process either to strengthen or damage a connection. A marriage and family therapist Steven Ing has claimed that “I work with clients who wreck their relationships. Most of the time, they are unaware of it. He saw some of the typical behaviours among his clients that are most likely to end a relationship. However, avoiding or comprehending these behaviours could make it easier to build a solid connection. The decision to end or continue a relationship is ultimately up to us.

Here are 5 actions Steven Ing has noticed that are bad for relationships. However, it is possible to have a healthy relationship by avoiding those behaviours, understanding them, or acting in a way that is the opposite of them. These five actions can either help you develop a positive, benevolent relationship or a negative, unfavourable one.

Recognising a partner as they are:
As you observe your partner, most frequently, we have fantasies about the appearance, personality, and traits of our ideal mate. We constantly wish that our love would be someone from our fantasies. However, we miss the opportunity to adore the person for who or what they are in the process. We frequently fail to accept and adore our partners for who they are as individuals. If we accept our partners as they are rather than harbouring unrealistic expectations of what they should be, relationships will be even simpler.

  • Recognize that your partner is not who you believe them to be.
  • Recognize, embrace, and know your partner for who they are.
  • Fall in love with your mate, not a make-believe counterpart.

Encourage sexual talks: Talking about our sexual fantasies is encouraged because we all have them. when two couples discuss their sexual dreams while holding opposing views. We tend to judge one another. Instead of condemning one another for holding divergent views Recognize and respect one another. Intimacy and a close relationship are fostered by discussing and supporting one another’s sexual dreams. Sharing this intimate information strengthens the link between the two of you.

Respect different viewpoints: How frequently do you establish acquaintances with people who share your interests or viewpoints? To have a stronger connection, we always think that partners should share the same values, preferences, political views, etc. I’m sorry to break it to you, but sharing similar viewpoints does not automatically translate to a stronger relationship. There are no two people in the world who think the same way. There must be at least one differentiating factor. Respecting one another while having different viewpoints is important for a happy partnership.


A mistake – the end of a relationship: “If my spouse betrays me? Our partnership is coming to an end.” We anticipate that our relationship will conclude in this manner. But in reality, it isn’t. When we cease loving one another and believe that our relationship is over, it comes to an end. It greatly aids in understanding that no person is flawless. Encourage each other to share your flawed selves rather than breaking up a connection. And accept each other’s flaws.


Don’t draw borders: We frequently draw borders or engage in conflict when talking to another person who is friendly out of jealousy. We must keep in mind that we cannot provide for our spouses in every way. A person’s happiness, well-being, and engagement in other areas of life, including romance, are all positively impacted by having great friends.


To be in a good relationship It’s crucial to create a space where you both feel at ease talking about issues, flaws, crazy ideas, etc. A stronger, more honest relationship is beneficial. As it implies, we have the power to make or ruin a relationship.

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