How Do I Enhance My Feeling Of Self-Worth?
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How Do I Enhance My Feeling Of Self-Worth?

Human beings are the sole living organisms in the world that live with some purpose or have a goal in life apart from just living and surviving. Almost all human beings hope to fulfil their wishes and goals till they reach their end. They want to spend their life and work for some purpose or want to do something for the society and their loved ones, such that they can be remembered and graced by others, once they are gone. We all live to achieve, have a goal to accomplish and needs to fulfil and a hope to turn our dreams into reality. But have you wondered why these goals and dreams actually become our motivation to work hard? This is because we believe in ourselves in the first place that we can do it, we feel ourselves to be worthy of it as we all know our self-worth and know how much we deserve. Thus, believing in ourselves brings us one step closer to it. We have reached half way through towards our goal by trusting and believing ourselves and the rest we have to do is to give our best and consistently work hard in spite of numerous failures and setbacks. We all can fulfil our dreams and reach our goal by working hard. There are a lot of times in our life, when we have low self-esteem, face self-doubt and have very little self-worth. Low self-worth suggests that a person feels less important and have little value for himself in his mind. Unfortunately at such instances we have a negative self-image, such that we see ourselves as an incapable person and a loser who is unworthy to accomplish his goals. Our feelings for almost everything that we used to desire or wish earlier seems to get lost somewhere. Our negativity and overthinking take us to some dark place which diverts us from our path, being trapped in this shady place, the person doesn’t think himself to be worthwhile for good things.

Consequences of having a low self-worth:-

Someone having a low self-worth usually criticizes everybody and everything. The one who doesn’t love himself, how can he love others? More shockingly they criticize themselves more than anyone. They have a negative attitude towards life such that nothing seems to please them, almost everything seems unpleasant. They rarely enjoy moments in their life and spend almost 75% of their time comparing them with others and seeing themselves as a weak, foolish and stupid person. The common problems or consequences that arise by having such personality are mentioned below:-

  • Affects overall well-being and leads to decrease in self-esteem.
  • Impair academic and job performance.
  • Habit of frequently saying ‘sorry’ and feeling guilty for someone else’s mistake.
  • Increase vulnerability of drugs and alcohol abuse
  • More prone to mental health problems like severe stress, depression etc.
  • Difficulty in making life choices and decisions.
  • Less tolerant and impatient behaviour.
  • Lower self-esteem results in further complications like introverted nature and feeling less lovable.
  • Having frequent mood swings and showing short tempered behaviour in which the person gets irritated and angry on little or no things.
  • Symptoms of related to destructive and Negative behaviour like self-accusation, self-pity and self-harm.

The trio that accompanies the feeling of low self-esteem and low self-worth is Negative Attitude, Negative Thoughts and Negative Vibes.

Factors responsible for depleting self-worth in a person:-

Low self-worth is a big issue and it can be addressed as the root cause of various mental health problems. This feeling mainly arises due to numerous factors which co-togetherly ends up in depleting the self-esteem of the individual, some of these factors are mentioned below:-

  • Negative criticism from friends and family.
  • Incompletion of desired goals which leads to emergence of self-doubt and self-distrust.
  • Relationships problem or relationship failure.
  • Overthinking.
  • Lower performance in recent tasks.
  • Witnessing continuous failures and setbacks.
  • Financial crunch.

These factors together can have an effect on our well-being and drastically lower our self-esteem with the passage of time.

What are the Coping techniques to boost self-esteem and self-worth?

Self-doubt makes the life of an individual miserable as hell. Life is just too short to be wasted, therefore don’t waste it in blaming yourself and others, enjoy it and live every moment to fullest. Therefore, it is very important that one must know coping techniques to improve his/her well-being and boost self-confidence in order to live a happy and peaceful life :-

  • Positive situational reaction and management i.e. control and manage your reactions or responses to numerous situations.
  • Positive Self-instruction in difficult situations i.e. guide yourself in times of distress and lower your anxiety by calming yourself with the help of various techniques like backward counting etc.
  • Stay strong and patient.
  • Follow your instincts and listen to your heart because sometimes it’s best to listen to your gut-feeling.
  • Maintain a healthy social life, talk to your friends and Family.
  • Follow your passion; pursue your interest and hobbies. They will keep your mind and health enlightened.
  • Go for a walk or jog daily. Regular exercise and healthy diet keep our mind and body fit and healthy.
  • Make your own life choices and consult others and their opinions only if it’s necessary
  • Be proud and confident of your own selections and decisions.
  • Believe in yourself because you are strong, you are capable and you are worthy for success in life and a lot of happiness.
  • Accepting your mistake is actually necessary however don’t feel guilty for others inappropriate actions, you can’t control everything.
  • There is no need to react to everything, not everything deserves your attention.
  • Stop overthinking in the first place, it will bring nothing but sadness and sorrow.
  • Good things take time to happen, they didn’t just happen overnight. Work hard and give your best, rest leave it on god. Our deeds determine our destiny.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for help from your loved ones or mental health professionals whenever necessary.

It is very important that you must do the hard work for the completion of your desired goals, do your best and don’t think about rest. If you’re willing to be a good person and want to live a happy and peaceful life then accepting yourself is the first step to self-care and self-love.


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