Health experts are warning about the dangers of AI 

Health experts are warning about the dangers of AI 

Doctors and public health specialists from an international organisation urged that authorities adequately regulate the usage and technology of artificial intelligence (AI) before continuing research and development on it.

The experts wrote in the journal BMJ Global Health on Tuesday that some kinds of AI pose an “existential threat to humanity.” Experts from Malaysia, Australia, Costa Rica, and the United States participated in the group, which was led by Dr. Frederik Federspiel of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in the United Kingdom.

What is AI

The term “artificial intelligence” or “AI” refers to the creation of computer systems that are able to carry out activities like learning, reasoning, perception, decision-making, and natural language processing that typically call for human intelligence. Machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, robotics, and cognitive computing are all examples of AI subfields. These advancements empower machines to process and examine a lot of information, gain as a matter of fact, and go with choices in view of that learning. A growing number of industries, including those in healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and transportation, are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to develop new applications and increase production and efficiency.

Negative Effect of AI

According to them, AI has the potential to transform society, including in medicine and public health. However, it can also be abused by people, and this can have a number of negative consequences. Experts warned that AI’s capacity to rapidly clean, organize, and analyze enormous data sets, including personal data and images, could enable the subversion of democracy and the influencing of behavior.

There are as of now models, they noted. Simulated intelligence was utilized in this manner in the 2016 U.S. official political decision; in the 2017 election for the presidency of France; also, in races in Kenya in 2013 and 2017, the specialists announced.

According to the authors, AI-driven information systems ” may further undermine democracy by causing a general breakdown in trust or by driving social division and conflict, with ensuing public health impacts ” when combined with the rapidly improving ability to distort or misrepresent reality with deep fakes.

They added that artificial intelligence-driven surveillance can utilize and persecute individuals. China’s Social Credit Framework is a model, that consolidates facial acknowledgment programming and examination of “large information” stores of individuals’ monetary exchanges, developments, police records, and social connections, as indicated by the report.

Independent Weapon, phones, liberal democracies,

The team stated that these kinds of systems have been expanding in at least 75 nations, including liberal democracies. One more area of danger is in the advancement of Deadly Independent Weapon Frameworks (Regulations). Joined to little cell phones like robots, these can find, select and draw in human focuses without human management. This could kill individuals “at a modern scale,” the creators made sense of. The widespread application of AI technology may also result in the loss of tens to hundreds of millions of jobs over the next decade.

According to the Experts

“While there would be many benefits from ending work that is repetitive, dangerous, and unpleasant, although we already know that unemployment is strongly associated with adverse health outcomes and behavior,” According to them, increasing automation contributes to unequal wealth distribution worldwide and tends to shift owners’ income and wealth. ” In addition, we have no clue about how society will answer intellectually and really to a presence where work is unavailable or pointless, nor are we considering the systems and important methods to break the relationship among joblessness and illness,” the creators composed. 

General purpose, self-improvement AI (AGI) poses a significant threat. In a journal news release, the experts explained that it could learn and perform all human tasks. They wrote, ” We are currently attempting to create machines that are significantly more intelligent and powerful than we are.” It is a real possibility that these machines could use their knowledge and power in ways that could harm or enslave people, whether intentionally or unintentionally.”

Whenever understood, the association of AGI to the web and this present reality, including by means of vehicles, robots, weapons and computerized frameworks could, they said, well address the “greatest occasion in mankind’s set of experiences.”

The Urgency of Action

The authors warned that the window of opportunity to avoid serious and potentially existential harm is closing. They stated in their paper that “Policy decisions made now and the effectiveness of regulatory institutions designed to minimize risk and harm and maximize benefit will determine the outcomes of AI and AGI development in the future.” The team suggested that this will necessitate international agreement and cooperation as well as avoiding an AI “arms race.”

To ensure that there are effective checks and balances, we need to safeguard democracy, strengthen our institutions that serve the public interest, and reduce power,” the experts concluded, ” AI must fulfill its promise to humanity and society if it is to ever succeed.” This integrates ensuring straightforwardness and obligation of the bits of the military-corporate current complex driving PC based insight progressions and the virtual amusement associations that are enabling man-made knowledge driven, assigned lie to disrupt our democratic establishments and opportunities to security.”

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