The Furry Thing That Keeps You Alive

The Furry Thing That Keeps You Alive

Health Benefits of Pet

Do You like Animals? Do you Have a Pet? How Long has it been with you?

There are many people who like to keep pets. Some like to keep multiple pets, some like to keep just one. Some like to keep different kinds of animals, some like to keep only one kind. There are certain animals that people maintain as pets while they do not keep others. The most common kind of pets include dogs and cats. However, people also keep fish, hamsters, frogs, lizards, beetles, turtles, butterflies, hens, cows and even pigs. Although these are not that common. The kind of pet one keeps says a lot about them.

The Joys of Having a Pet

Pets tend to act as emotional supporters and act as companions to their owners. There are many people who find themselves feeling safer with their pets around and pouring unconditional love on them. Living with pets help people feel less lonely, feel wanted and even makes people feel at ease and loved. Especially with people who have mental health issues like depression, having a pet helps a lot.

Health Benefits of Pet
Responsibilities and Physical Benefits

There are a lot of benefits of having a pet. A pet requires caring for and because of the unconditional love that one feels towards their pet, they tend to uphold the responsibilities. Owning a pet can be extremely expensive. Not only their feed but also their overall maintenance and their medical check-ups are all extremely costly. As the owner of a pet,

You feel the need to give them the best life which means you work harder in your day to day life to earn lots of money so you can get them the best kind of feed and also toys and treats. Having a pet also means going on walks and spending time with them which acts as a form of catharsis and helps people to relax. In this fast moving competitive world of us, People often forget to sit with their thoughts and take a walk and spend time away from their gadgets. Pets require time and attention.  Pet owners tend to spend time with their pets and also take them on walks which also benefits them as it helps them relax. Pets also require to be maintained and groomed. Dogs need to be taken for walks and also need to be bathed, cats need to get their litter ox cleaned every day. Different kinds of pets come with different kinds of responsibility but the common factor is that the owner has to make time for them.

Emotional Benefits

Pets also have a he role to play in the mental health of individuals. unlike human, animals can not speak and converse with humans however the love they feel is still expressed. Pet owners not only pour emotional love onto their pets but also tend to receive unconditional love from their pets. Often times people tend to their personal emotional support animals that help them feel better and live on days when they don’t wish to. 

Pet therapy, commonly referred to as animal-assisted therapy, has demonstrated benefits for persons with a range of health conditions. Therapy dogs for example can help reduce anxiety and provide comfort to those suffering from PTSD. Even among people with Autism, pets can help improve social skills and reduce anxiety. You must have also seen in movies how many blind people tend to have a dog with whom they go everywhere. 

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