Have you ever said – “Goodbye”?
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Have you ever said – “Goodbye”?

There are many times in our everyday lives when we say bye and bid farewell to someone or the other. Even if it is someone you may meet again in a few months. Goodbyes are common and so are farewells.

Goodbye and farewells

They can be happy goodbyes and happy farewells and there can also be sad goodbyes and sad farewells. Sometimes we bid farewell to people in our lives that we do not really like or who have hurt us and though these kinds of goodbyes can be painful they are also for the best. There are also goodbyes wherein people have to bid farewell to someone they love. When we say goodbye to a loved one whom we know we will meet again although we are sad it is ok since we know that we will meet again. However, there are times when we have to say goodbye to the people we love forever. Saying goodbye and bidding farewell to a loved one whom you will never meet again can be extremely heartbreaking.

Difficulties of saying goodbye

Humans tend to get attached very easily and therefore it becomes very hard for us to say goodbye not only to people but also to places and things. Although moving on and change are a normal part of life and goodbyes are inevitable. It is still extremely hard to deal with. There are many people who find it harder than others to say goodbye and often tend to have an extremely hard time. their inability to bid farewell to the people, places and things in life that they may have gotten extremely attached to may start affecting their normal functioning in their day to day lives as well.

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Opportunities that come along

Although one normally assumes that goodbyes and farewells mark the end of something they often forget that it also means the start of another. When one sentence ends another begins ad just like that when we bid farewell to one place or thing or person, another comes into our life. This doesn’t necessarily mean that we replace the people and places in our lives with new people and places but instead shows how despite everything that may happen, we are able to move on. It is important to realize that sometimes goodbyes can be positive as well.

Different kinds of goodbyes

There are multiple places and people that we bid farewell to. sometimes we say goodbye to a job, sometimes to a place or thing and sometimes even to our loved ones. Leaving jobs can be a difficult decision specially in a society like ours however it is not as uncommon and there are multiple people who change their entire fields midway through life. Making decisions like this are not easy as not only are you saying goodbye to the job and the people that work with you, you are also saying goodbye to the time and effort that you spent there.

However, to read a book we must flip a page and just like that sometimes to lie we must make new decisions and changes even if it means leaving something behind. Even in the context of moving places and shifting, saying goodbye is not easy. Specially if it is a place, you do not know if you will return to. Others may miss their school greatly while others may view leaving school and moving on with life as normal and unimportant. However, they understand that chapter in their lives is over and they have already said goodbye.

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