Have You Ever Felt Internship Anxiety?  
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Have You Ever Felt Internship Anxiety?  

There are many people who do multiple internships through their school and college lives, there are also others who don’t do as much. Some people join their first internship when they are in grade 9, while others may join in their last year of college or even later. One common thing though is the night before the first internship.

What internships are all about?

Internships are a small period of work wherein the individual works in a company or organization without being a full-time employee. Internships can be of various types. It can be online, offline, paid, unpaid, educative, creative, exhausting, etc. it can be in a field that you are interested in or it may be in some other field as well. Most people tend to do internships in more than one field in order to understand the workings of such jobs.

The experience that they get with the internship helps them in realizing whether they wish to pursue that particular field or not. Internships actively help people decide whether or not they are qualified for a certain line of work. For example someone might have a dream of becoming a writer but on doing an internship with content creation they may realize that it is not the field for them. Likewise, it can also happen that people who have no prior knowledge about a field happen to intern in it and realize that they suit that job better.

The night before the internship

There are all types of people in the world, however, it is found that most people tend to feel some kind of anxiety the night before their first day. Internships are not jobs per say, but they are very much like them. When you go to an office to intern as say an HR, you have to dress a certain way, behave and act in a certain manner and also talk in a certain way. Along with this, you also have to keep in mind that there are others around you who are watching your every move. The night before the internship can be harder for some people than others. Although it is common to not be able to sleep well because of the constant thoughts about the coming day keep revolving around your head, there are some who have it worse.

Online and Offline Internships 

It is common to feel nervous before a big day like the first day of an internship, especially if it is an offline one. With the advent of the COVID pandemic, there was an array of internships available in online mode. However, one cannot only do online internships as there is a difference between online and offline work and presence. Although internships are internships and online or offline.

Both leads to a certain level of nervousness and anxiety, and offline internships seem to cause more. There are many reasons for this. Physical being in the workplace along with your peers and seniors is completely different than how it is in the online mode.

Internship Anxiety

Some people may have intense anxiety in the days and nights before their internship, especially the night before. Although it is harder for people who actually have clinically diagnosed anxiety disorders, it is also hard for those who may not have an actual disorder. One can feel extreme levels of anxiety without having a disorder. The night before the internship is often one filled with overthinking where one may try to imagine how their day may go while also constantly thinking of how it may go wrong.

The night before the internship is also hard since one may be trying to figure out what all to take, what to wear, figuring out the travel routes and the expenses while also thinking about how the people a the office will be and how they will have to not only interact with them but hopefully also leave a good impression. There is a common saying that says the first impression is of utmost importance. Therefore, along with all kinds of other thoughts, one is also constantly thinking about how to make themselves be accepted by those they are going to intern with and how to make a good first impression.

Tips for a Positive Start

There are various kinds of thoughts that one undergoes the night before the internship. It is okay, you are not alone. Everyone has jitters on their first day of work and its okay for you to mess up as long as you learn from your mistakes. After all first impressions though they are important, are not the last impressions. So, be curious, ask questions, and don’t worry too much. It’s okay to worry a little, it’s okay to have a little anxiety. It’s okay to go through your travel routes and bags a few times the night before, but do not let it manifest into something bigger. Take a deep breath and know that this too shall pass.

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