Food for good mental health

Food for good mental health

The human mind is perhaps one of the most complex organ of the entire body. It is also a fact human minds gets easily affected by virtually anything around us. Our diet, sleep, environment and physical activities are some of the key factors that plays pivotal role in its well-being and good health. 

Among all the factors, there are some that are beyond human control like the ageing process, sexual orientation and the genetic pattern, but there are also factors that are within the influence of humans like sleep, diet, weight and physical exercise and are equally important for the negative or positive impacts it has on our brain. 

Understanding Mental Health and Nutrition

Many of us feel that only living a stress free life contributes to good mental health. It takes much more than that. A recent study published that mental health is becoming the largest health issue of the modern world and the ratio of its increase as compared to other ailments is comparatively very high. The report also stated that diet and nutrition plays an important role in maintaining good mental health and both the aspects are very closely related. 

We understand that coping with the present demands and responsibilities of modern life is not that easy as it seems, but saying so, regardless of what comes across and what the personal challenges are – “a healthy attitude and approach is the only way to a healthier life and a healthy mind.” 

Let’s look into how diet and nutrition is vital for a healthy mind?

We humans have the power to control our mind and create a positive balance with the environment. The way we feed ourselves and thereby our brain needs to be changed. We need to understand that the food we eat plays a major role not only plays a major role in improving our metal health conditions, but also in managing neurological conditions like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. So, the base line is that healthy foods isn’t limited to healthy heart and body, but also improves us holistically.

In order to better our mood and improve mental health, start adding some brain healthy foods in the regular diet as mentioned below:

– Lentils: Loaded with vitamin B, it is all essential element that is needed to produce the neurotransmitter – serotonin, also known as the ‘happy hormone’.

– Salmon: Enriched with Omega 3 and anti-inflammatory fatty acids, both of which our body cannot produce but are very important for the development of brain cell membrane.  It also aids in getting rid of depression. 

– Beans: One of the top choices for a happy and healthy brain. They are full of antioxidants and fibers. It also contains vitamin thiamine that are needed to produce acetylcholine – essential for memory.

– Walnuts: Full of antioxidants, initiates oxidation in the body and the brain. It also helps in growing new neurons – new brain cells, keeping our brain healthy and happy.

– Leafy Greens: We all know the miracles that greens like kale, spinach and collard can do to our health, our mental health also benefits out of it. The biggest aspect is, that it slows down cognitive decline and keeps the brain healthy for a longer time.

With a healthy diet, you will have a healthy mind set. Good and healthy eating is just like developing a habit that does not harm us.With a healthy mind we become more positive and the more positive we are, the happier are our lives. 


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