Eco-conscious behavior can make human life happier regardless of their social status
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Eco-conscious behavior can make human life happier regardless of their social status

Not only it can maintain human existence on earth, but becoming eco-friendly can be really beneficial for our well-being. A recent research has proved that taking care of mother nature can actually nurture our mental well beings. The reason for the same can be that taking care of our environment can actually fulfill our psychological needs such as sense of positive contribution to the environment we are living in. It creates a sense of giving. And coming closer to the nature of which we are part can remove various stressors of our life.

This can be seen in other way to that people with happier mindset tend to take care of their surroundings in a better way which ultimately benefits other people. People having a positive mindset tend to do things from which others can also obtain benefit.

Contrary to the world that promotes consumerism, one can actually lead a very content life by giving back to the nature what we have used in our whole lives. A research report from an ecological institute suggests that use of nonrenewable resources should be dropped immediately in order to save our planet from severe consequences, moving in this direction can make one’s own self happy and would lead a better place for future generations.

Most of the time it is assumed that protecting environment can only be in the hands of wealthier population and hence, only they can live a happy life around nature. But researches were conducted to check whether the opposite can happen. And their results showed that well-being of people improved regardless of their social status.

Some survey researches were conducted across seven different countries which included Brazil, China etc. on around 7000 people recommends that people from different cultural, social, racial, backgrounds when started taking efforts to build a better natural environment, they observed enhancement in their personal well-being. From people of countries such as China and Brazil which tend to have a more socialist environment when give their share of efforts to their environment in a group makes them feel more content whereas countries having individualistic society like Denmark where doing it alone make people happy.


This effect was seen similar across the various income groups. People having different moral, ethical values also experienced same improvement in their emotional and mental well beings. This implies that one does not mean to have higher moral values, or compassionate being to gain benefit from eco-friendly behavior. People having environmentalist’s views seem to obtain equal benefit from this activity. There are simple ways to contribute to nature such as: using bicycle, reducing waste, planting trees in surroundings, adopting idea of 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), saving water, opt healthier farming options, saving resources, choosing sustainable, helping environmental campaigns can uplift our mental health in many ways. One must try some of these ways in daily life.

The connection between the personal well-being and eco-conscious behavior can suggest things such as more and more people can be employed to environment friendly behavior, and it can help in betterment of their own selves and giving a substantial contribution to their environment. Other benefits such as meditation, soothing experience can also be gained in the process.

In fact, making efforts in protecting environment can give us tangible benefits too, as happier people are more productive at their jobs and motivate their colleagues to do the same. Hence, it can be used in various aspects of social and personal lives.

Just as eating clean and healthy can give us a better life, in this way we can take care of our subjective selves and surroundings to make it a better place to live.

In this era, focussing on our own and planet’s well-being can actually provide a good purpose to protect environment for existing people & upcoming generations.


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