Defining spirituality In our life

Defining spirituality In our life

The value of spirituality in our life is incredible because it concentrates on the development of spiritual health and wellbeing. The reality is that spirituality develops spiritual values. It is just like a seed which provides wonderful possibility to grow. It is the future of an individual’s spiritual life, community life and nation’s life. Spirituality is positioned in our mind and heart. Prophets, Yogis, Sages and Saints inspire us to take the path to perform journey on the less travelled road. All are compassionate to human beings, reminding them to maintain spiritual life. Spirituality awakens people to maintain behaviours stability. It integrates the internal and external world. Religious traditions see spirituality in terms of the relationship between knowledge and practice, existing oneness in God.

“The Sanskrit equivalent word of spirituality is Adhyatmikta (आध्यात्मिकता), which is obtained by combining the prefix adhi with the word atma (or self). It denotes subjectivity (atmanam adhikrtya (आत्मानं अधिकृत्य)) as well as atmano visayakam jnanam or the transcendental knowledge pertaining to the Self” (Dwivedi, 2015, p. 32).

Adhyatmikta (आध्यात्मिकता)

Adhyatmikta is an invaluable treasure of Indian culture, literature and language, music, dance, Hindu scriptures and sculpture. “Spirituality has been valued in the Indian culture from time immemorial, and it is no surprise that many innovations in the field of spirituality is originated in India” (Bhawuk, 2011, p. 25). “Hinduism attached so much importance to spirituality that it had made it the ultimate goal of life and attempted to visualize spirituality in all walks of life” (Dwivedi, 2015, p. 27).

Adhyatmikta realizes the existence of God and follows the unity principle. Adhyatmikta is transcendent and transformative in nature. It is a process of personal transformation. In Adhyatmikta we study about the spiritual states of the person. In India, we don’t have contest between religious dogma and spirituality. Both believers and non-believers may have attitude towards spirituality. Adhyatmikta strengthen the spirit. Spiritual exercise like meditation helps to cope with spiritually lethargic boredom. Adhyatmikta is our spiritual nature made of Atma, Dharma, Havan/homa, Yama, Atma-gyan, Tantra, Moksha, Indriyas, Karma, Tapas and Ananda. Husain & Singh, 2019).

Responsibilities and Rights

An individual cannot evolve until he maintains a balance between responsibilities and rights. Attitude towards adhyatmikta should be applicable to all individuals, family, institutions, societies, and nations. The lack of balance in human behavior creates many disorders. We can live happily in this and other world if we adopt spiritual lifestyles. Adhyatmikta can make our life more meaningful when we feel bored.
I took 20 years to take shift from traditional psychology to Spiritual Psychology to completely understand the phenomenon of ‘Spirituality’. Every concept related to spirituality is very rational and logical, and my heart and mind felt a strong bond with Almighty through this transition. I practised meditation or Islamic contemplation throughout this journey to show me the right path. Meditation taught me how to develop spiritual intimacy and communicate with God. Spirituality has taught me the lesson of truthfulness, serenity, piety, benevolence, strength, trustworthiness, and made me a spiritual being.

“Set the alarm and give a wake-up call for practicing spirituality”

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