Challenges of Being a Student in an Online College and How to Overcome Them

Challenges of Being a Student in an Online College and How to Overcome Them


There are many advantages people enjoy from online learning, but there are also challenges associated with it. A student should be able to navigate these challenges effectively because failure to do so can make the learning process hectic. Let’s have a closer look at the common challenges associated with online learning and how to overcome them effectively.

Adapting to a New Learning Style

Individuals who are accustomed to the traditional type of learning have to struggle while going through the learning process online. The two styles are different, and adjusting to online learning might be a big challenge. It will demand knowledge of digital learning platforms. It will also require skills such as finding and using digital media in communication. To address this challenge, you must learn how to use digital learning tools and technologies that will help you learn online. Building your digital skills will enhance your learning process.

Time Management

Online studies often allow students to take on other activities besides their schoolwork. Some students engage in part-time/full-time jobs and other productive activities. Despite this great benefit of e-learning, it is easy to find yourself involved in too many activities to the point where you don’t have enough time for your studies. It’s one of the main reasons some students pay for essay so they can turn in their assignments or protect their grades.

The best way to manage time effectively is by setting clear goals and having a timetable to guide you. With clear goals, you know what you want and what is expected of you. Before going to sleep, create a timetable highlighting the activities that you want to do. Prioritize your coursework when creating this timetable to ensure you always attend class and finish assignments on time.

Technical Difficulties

Any environment which requires the use of technology can face technical difficulties. Every time your internet is down, you will miss your lectures or have difficulty doing your assignments, which can be frustrating. It could be even worse when you are doing an online exam. Besides, your gadgets might act out and affect your productivity.
Many schools have an IT department committed to addressing technical issues. You can contact them by phone or email, and they will offer you step-by-step guidance that will assist you in solving your problems.

As you contact the IT department, ensure you contact your lecturer or the school about your challenge to ensure they are aware of your situation. It can be primarily important when you are on a deadline or doing an exam, and the issue affects your ability to submit your work on time. Also, you should learn basic troubleshooting of devices. Sometimes, the problem could be a simple disconnection, outdated software, or a hardware problem on your gadgets. So, learn how to update software and perform other troubleshooting procedures.


The lack of physical interactions that are characteristic of traditional classrooms may, at times, cause loneliness and a lack of social support or a sense of community. The traditional learning format generates an intellectual environment together with a group of friends for leaning on when necessary. This interaction with others is essential for students especially when they are in stressful situations.

Initiate virtual interactions with others, for example, through virtual study groups and online discussion boards. However, these do not provide the kind of interaction provided by the traditional learning platforms; rather, they help to give a feel of interaction and social integration.

Insufficient Motivation

Isolation can also lead to poor motivation. Learning online requires a student to have a degree of self-discipline, and in its absence, one will find it challenging to remain focused. Lacking peers around reduces a student’s urgency to show up for class and meet tight deadlines. Peers can offer encouragement and share goals, which can make one more willing to attend classes and do schoolwork.
Setting realistic short- and long-term goals can help you keep track of your progress and stay focused on your goals. A good way of ensuring you are always committed to your goals is creating a to-do list that constantly reminds you to meet deadlines and finish work on time.


In the traditional learning environment, a lecturer can keep tabs on all students, and it is difficult to be distracted in such an environment. When studying online, there are many distractions. You might be tempted to use your phone to check on the latest updates on your social media. It is easy for a student to yield to all these temptations and leave class to look at their social media feed or to log into a game to compete with their friends. The consequences of such distractions include grasping less content, which makes it difficult to complete schoolwork. It’s one of the reseasons students get stuck with assignments and turn to Finance. Yahoo – pay for essays websites for help.

Eliminating factors that distract you will be the first coping strategy. If your phone is a source of distraction, it is better to turn it off. Secondly, set up your study location away from your family members. If there is a free room, use it for your studies to keep your family members from distracting you. Additionally, ensure that you set clear boundaries with your friends so that they understand when it’s your time to study and you need to be alone.

Closing Remarks

Most institutions are now providing their students with online classes, and this change has opened up education for everyone. Nevertheless, some problems may occur upon the commencement of studies. The student can feel lonely and unenthusiastic because of the time they spend in front of their screens. The other problem is that there are more distractions in online studying than in the classroom. Interaction through online groups can foster a feeling of identity and increase motivation. Online forums for such interactions promote a sense of belonging and increase motivation. Distractions elimination in the learning environment can also significantly enhance performance.

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