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Mobile phones and depression have a great connect. Many people are unable to understand the co-relation between the two but if you observe, you will realize how dangerous an impact the over usage of mobile phones can cause to your mental health. The whole generation is addicted to smartphones and is hooked for almost 15 hours a day average. The only time people don’t access their phones is when they are sleeping or having a bath. With all these applications available, the human mind has become a slave to having the world at their fingertips. Today everything can be done on phone. From basic calling to ordering grocery is all done on a smartphone. In some way, this has reduced the human interactions and people have switched to virtual relationships and lives. The phone has replaced a calendar, calculator, camera, desktop, watch, television and much more. No doubt, it is an advancement. However, this technological growth has declined the human evolution standards drastically.

Smartphones are responsible for isolation, loneliness and depression amongst people causing damage and it is importantly to know the hazards it is leading to:

1. Lack of sleep is one of the biggest signs of depression. Many prefer sticking to their smartphone until the wee hours of the morning. This not just affects their level of concentration, resulting in anxiety and a bad temper but also keeps them lethargic all the while. This is where Insomnia starts spreading roots. Many people take medication to sleep as they have lost the natural ability to sleep and relax their bodies. Social Media is on a high in the night and many people prefer spending a lot of time at night on smartphones. Some people prefer opening their eyes to a mobile screen every morning.

2. Do you also find it difficult to remember dates, telephone numbers and events? Do you find it tough to find words or explain situations fluently? When we spend a lot of time on the gadgets, we slowly compromise on our thinking capacity. People have lost their thinking ability to the range of 80% due to over usage of gadgets. There is a certain brain laziness observed in people who are stuck to mobile screens.

3. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and such social networking sites are massively addictive and are big life stealers. These take away your creative potentials and end up wasting a lot of productive time that you could use in something of a greater value. The ones who cling to life on social media seem to be living a fake, competitive and a dangerous life which when overpowers their reality brings about various mental issues and restlessness.

4. These social sites lead to a lot of unreal expectations and cyber bullying. The virtual world seems very interesting initially but later it takes over the senses of the users. People these days have actually started living a virtual life.  Lack of self-confidence and severely low self-esteem, subsequently lead to depression. Constantly comparing lives with others and the competition to be in touch and online all the time is a craze and could now be considered as a disease.

5. Family life is at stake due to each one having their own individual. Smartphones are a big distraction in family functions and at dinner tables too. People back home should consider themselves a team and fight the evil of constant mobile phone surfing.

In today’s day and age, it is not possible to cut the use of smartphone completely, but we can be smart and set limits on its usage.  We need to have rules in place to avoid further deterioration of life due to the social media and the mobile mania. Decide the number of hours of screen time you allow yourself and your children. Avoid smartphones at meals and while conducting important discussions. Do not use smartphones while travelling as this could be hazardous to the eyes and the brain cells in larger extents. Filling up free time gaps with unnecessary games is not a great way to spend time. Involve yourself in art or something that adds value to your life. It is better to have direct vocal conversations with people than chatting. This can save a lot of time and misunderstandings. Be smarter than the smart phones.

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