Vidushi Aggarwal
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It's great to see the rapid growth of mental awareness in India, we still have a long way to go though. As a budding Clinical Psychologist, I try to contribute in this as much as possible. Let's eradicate mental illness stigma completely and normalise visiting a psychologist, shall we?


7 types of parenting styles you must know

The initial years of a child have a great impact on their life, whether it is the child’s academic performance

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Awareness Crime

Psychological Perspective on Sexual Coercion and Rape

Whenever we hear about sexual assault or rape in the news or social media, we form an image of sexual

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Awareness Self Help

Cognitive distortions: errors in thinking

I’m sure you all are familiar with the phrase “thoughts become things”. It suggests that whatever we think about the

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Awareness Self Help

Choose worthy opponents

I read recently that after Olympic athletes returned home from their games, some of them suffer from what psychologists call

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Awareness Self Help

Anxiety Management

Do you remember the feeling you experienced right before an important presentation? Or the feeling we experience during an important

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Awareness Self Help

Tips to improve quality of sleep: sleep hygiene

When was the last time you had difficulty falling asleep? Or difficulty staying asleep? Have you ever woken up too

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Awareness Health Research

Warning signs: Internet addiction disorder

Isn’t it strange that with the rise in technological innovations, there is also a rise in addiction towards it? Does

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