Sharmistha Mondal
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I'm currently pursuing a career in Mental health profession. I have completed my undergraduation in BSc. Psychology Honors and at present doing MSc. Clinical Psychology from Christ (Deemed to be University). I have interned at several clinical and non-clinical settings. I also have presented papers in National and International conferences covering the diversity of topics, along with exposure to the several overnight workshops.


    Parenting styles and socio-emotional development of children?

    Attachment, an emotional bond that connects individuals, is the most researched topic evolutionarily and developmentally. It has fascinated several academicians,

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    Interpersonal Relationships: Is Knowledge A Curse?

    ‘Curse of knowledge’, a phenomenon in which the assumption is that, others would also know something that we know, which

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    Awareness Motivation Research Social

    What Is Vague Booking Through The Lens Of EEG?

    The contemporary era of the Post-Millennial generation focuses on the use of social media that dominates this framework, where the

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    Female Foeticide – A Social Evil?

    Our Indian culture has always believed in the male dominating society or patriarchy which can be seen from the history

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    What steps are needed towards understanding and managing mental health of women with menopause during Covid-19?

    Coronavirus pandemic, by no surprise, is pervasive and most likely to entrench in our society. A study by Weber in

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    What Are The Cognitive-Moral Perspectives Regarding The Current Scenario Of Education At Schools In India?

    In the dynamics of the contemporary world, it can be seen that the functioning across many areas are conventional. This

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    What is the Significance of Attachment on Socio-emotional Development of Children?

    Attachment, an emotional bond that connects individuals together, is evolutionarily and developmentally most researched topic. It has fascinated several academicians,

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