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Psychology of Habits: Understanding Habitual Behavior

In psychology, we describe habits as behaviours that people learn and then automatically and repeatedly engage in. And over time,

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What Is the Psychology of Pretty Privilege?

Pretty privilege is a social concept that shows the advantages that certain individuals receive in the context of life because

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Self Help

How Competition Impacts Our Lives

Most people find it enjoyable to be a little competitive. It goes without saying that those that succeed enjoy themselves

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The Role of Dopamine in the Mind

It is a chemical that is released in the brain. It is linked to numerous types of mood disorders and

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Why Is Optimism Important To Achieve Success? 

Life is a journey of uncertainity to new and unfamiliar destinations. As we know life is full of surprises and

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“NEVER HAVE I EVER”: Understanding the Psychological Theme of the Series

Never Have I Ever is a 4 season Netflix teen drama based on the life of Indian-American Devi Vishvakumar. Recently

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8 tips to be a jolly person

Jolly person is the one who appears to be cheerful and happy, not all the time but majority of it.

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Awareness Social

Makeup Addiction: Recognizing the Signs and Addressing Unhealthy Behaviors

Don’t most of us like doing makeup? Makeup has an unmistakable attraction. We may accentuate our features, increase our confidence,

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Does Long Distance Relationships Work?

We all live in a very hectic life. Where you do not have time for many things, due to work

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What is cognitive health? Understand its role in our life

Cognitive health can be defined as the overall state of an individual’s cognitive functions, which include memory, attention, perception, problem-solving,

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