Nishtha Gugnani

Nishtha Gugnani

Post Graduate
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A postgraduate student with a demonstrated history of working with mental health organisations and in clinical setups. With a thorough foundational educational background in Psychology coupled with strong interpersonal communication skills, I am able to nudge my way forward on the learning curve through practical experience. I am also adept at social media marketing and brand content strategy, and have been able to execute these skills in the mental health space backed with 2 years of experience.

Awareness Self Help

Why Do We Listen To Sad Music When We Are Hurting?

Music has often been referred to as the “language of the soul” and a “universal language” which is extremely appropriate

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Awareness Motivation

Why is it Important to take Risks in Life?

A wise man once said, “Opportunity does not come gift-wrapped. You must take risks.” It is safe to say that

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Awareness Self Help

What can you do when you “fail” at self- care?

The term “self – care” has been taking the internet by storm in the last few years, with people slowly

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What are the fundamentals of a successful relationship?

It is rightly said that romantic relationships are the spice of life. When we fall in love, we experience the

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Relationship Self Help

Can Breakup’s Be An Important For Personal Growth?

Almost everyone goes through the process of losing someone significant to them at least once in their lives, whether romantically

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4 tips to Set High-Achieving Goals

The one thing that all human beings have in common is that they are an innately goal-oriented species. From the

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Awareness Industrial Motivation Self Help

How Can You Eliminate Distractions And Stay Focused?

As human beings, we are nurtured to have goals and dreams from the moment we are born. We are all

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Awareness Self Help Technology

Why Is It Important To Do A Digital Detox Right Now?

With lockdown restrictions in place, it is no surprise that people are dependent on social media to stay connected with

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Awareness Health Industrial Self Help Technology

What Is “Zoom Fatigue”?

Who would have ever guessed at the beginning of the year that the term “work from home” would become such

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Occupational Burnout: Is Your Job Becoming Detrimental To Your Well- Being?

Consider this: When you go to work you spend a huge chunk of your time on tasks that you either

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