Hiral Amerchand

Hiral Amerchand

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Hiral Amerchand is a Psychologist by profession and has pursued her master’s degree from Mumbai University. She is currently working as a counsellor in a school in the suburbs. She believes that each individual is unique and different in its own way and would like to help individuals as well as to make the society aware about the importance of mental health and developing it as a priority. She also believes that everyone has a right to get help from mental health professional irrespective of his or her age, situation and economic condition. Hiral Amerchand along with her classmate during her masters presented a research paper on “Academic stress and resilience among college-going students” at Andhra University (Visakhapatnam, in October 2018 and won the best research paper award at 8 the InSPA International Conference on School Psychology. Apart from professional life, Hiral Amerchand loves being creative, loves dancing and travelling.


The Umbrella of Mental Health

Mental Health, reading these two words itself creates lots of confusion, doubts, questions and fear in one’s heart and mind.

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