Dr. Asa Don Brown

Dr. Asa Don Brown

Clinical Psychologist
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Dr. Asa Don Brown is an author, speaker, and clinical psychologist. He holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in Psychology with a Specialization in Clinical Psychology. He has worked as a clinician in Canada and the United States. He is a prolific author having been published in a variety of professional and popular journals, magazines, and online columns including Psychology Today; Psychiatric Times; Canadian Counselling & Psychotherapy Association; The Sober World; Police Association of Ontario; just to name a few. Dr. Brown has published the following books: Interpersonal Skills in the Workplace, Finding Solutions that Work, 2016; Waiting to Live, 2010 and The Effects of Childhood Trauma on Adult Perception and Worldview, 2008. Dr. Asa Don Brown’s books and lectures have transformed the minds of his readers and audiences around the world. He has worked as a consultant, advocate, and business facilitator in Canada and the United States. Dr. Brown has held university faculty positions teaching incoming freshmen to those completing their graduate work. He has taught psychology; early child development; paramilitary / military; clinical studies; basic undergraduate psychological courses; and worked with graduate students at various levels. He has served a variety of professional boards including: Washington State Counseling Association, WCA; Mental Health Association of the Southern Tier, MHAST; Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association, CCPA; Brain Technology & Neuroscience Research Centre, BTNRC, The Society for the Arts in Dementia Care; American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress, AAETS; The National Center for Crisis Management, NCCM; and a number of others. He has consulted various forms of government; social service agencies; legal practices; educational institutions; medical practices; religious organizations; and others in the field of psychology and psychiatry. He regularly consults and engages businesses and business leaders on topics that directly affect their fields. He has had the privilege of being interviewed and a guest of a variety of television, radio, magazine, and newspaper columns. In 2019, Dr. Brown was named a Global Goodwill Ambassador. He is very humbled by this recognition and hopes to continue his ongoing work. In 2014, Dr. Brown received the merits of Fellow from the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress. In 2008, Dr. Brown has achieved the merits of a Diplomat of trauma from the National Center of Crisis Management. As a volunteer, Dr. Brown continuously searches for new ways to challenge his person. He regularly trains as a New York State Volunteer Firefighter. He truly enjoys the rigorous challenge of being a firefighter. Dr. Brown’s volunteerism is not limited to firefighting, but it is indicative of his passion to serve his fellow human. Dr. Brown has a passion for cooking. It is not uncommon for Asa to experiment on his family and friends with new recipes and recipe concepts. He really enjoys spending time with his children in the kitchen teaching and exploring with them the art of cooking. As a clinician, he has frequently recommended cooking as a therapeutic approach to solace, solitude, and comfort. The atmosphere of Asa’s kitchen is a place of calmness, cheer, and capable of rejuvenating the inner-person. Most of all, Asa loves being a father and a husband. He relishes in the time that he has to spend with his family.


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