Anubha Upadhyay

Anubha Upadhyay

Ph.D Scholar
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Hello there! I am Anubha Upadhyay a budding writer and an amateur psychologist.Acquainted with Psychology from class 11th and Completed my post-graduation in 2020 From Deen Dayal Upadhyaya University(Gold-medelist). I am currently pursuing PG Diploma in Guidance, Counseling and Psychological Intervention from Banaras Hindu University.Psychology is giving me new vision towards life. So I just want to share my ideas with rest of the world. Especially, with help of my writing skills.The amulgamation of my love for Psychology and Writing is turned not less than a miracle for me.Stay tuned and feel the magic!Live, Laugh, Love, Learn :)

    Health Life Style

    Beyond Trauma: Illuminating the Power of Post-Traumatic Growth

    Life is a name of blunders and surprises, happiness and pain, loss and gain and so on. So, some people

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    Education Self Help

    Gita’s secret of self-control

    As we know Gita’s philosophy is known for its spectacular realities and rationale of life; which is well admired throughout

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    Self Help

    How to Cultivate Self-Compassion and Promote Mental Well-being

    Self-compassion is a broader term than self-love, more precisely we can say that self-compassion is a way of loving oneself

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    Self Help

    Choose Self-compassion

    Self-compassion is a more broader term than self-love, more precisely, we can say that self-compassion is a way of loving

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