Australian former prime minister admits to struggling with anxiety " />
Australian former prime minister admits to struggling with anxiety 

Australian former prime minister admits to struggling with anxiety 

Australian former prime minister

Former Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison spoke about his struggle with anxiety during his tenure, proving one can still work in the top job even with anxiety if the right treatment is taken.

It is not the first time that such personalities have come up with their anxiety struggles. Celebrities like Anushka Sharma, Emma Stone, Sachin Tendulkar, and many more have publicly revealed their mental illness experience. Anxiety has been a part of us as a society, but we might have delayed accepting it.

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What exactly is anxiety?

Many of us have felt anxiety at some point in life, which is completely okay! For example, if we have an interview or an exam. But if the feeling of worry and restlessness is perceived consistently in daily life, then it is time to focus on it. Notice your patterns, do you worry about mostly everything? Feeling on the edge all the time? Can’t focus or sleep properly? Feeling irritable or numb frequently? These are the signs of you having anxiety.

Do I have anxiety?

Feeling uptight vs having anxiety We often use the term anxiety casually as a temporary feeling, like I am feeling anxious for an exam. Though it is completely right, we need to recognize that feeling anxiety at a certain moment and having an anxiety issue persistently are two different aspects. A person dealing with an anxiety disorder feels the same amount of worry and restlessness while relaxing on a chair that you feel in an actual stressful situation. So, when a friend or a close one, comes up to you about his/her anxiety, let’s not shrug it off by saying we have it sometimes; instead, support and help them. A gesture of acceptance goes miles.

How do we define it?

For an accurate diagnosis, you need to consult a practicing clinical psychologist, who will assess based on defined criteria, either by ICD 11 (International Classification of Diseases by WHO) or DSM 5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders by APA). Apart from the diagnosis, if you feel that it has been long enough to worry too much, you can still come up with it. If you are feeling it, then it is an actual issue, not just in your mind!

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Does it make me a weak person?

There is often a stigma associated with mental health disorders that people who are weak and can’t deal with their problems have anxiety. This is not true. Morrison revealed that he was the prime minister of Australia while facing anxiety! He was fully functional and even signed the Australian and UK defense pact. Remember, coming out and asking for help takes a lot more than hiding or suffering with it. Most of the celebrities who have fought this battle have come out to prove that there is nothing to be ashamed of. Do we mock and reduce our self-esteem when we catch a viral fever? Why not- we are weak enough to not fight just a virus. We take better care of ourselves with medicine and rest. So does anxiety- if your body needs rest in fever then your mind deserves some care too!

Fighting against anxiety- Here are some simple tips to help you deal with your anxiety efficiently:

Accept it!

Acknowledging and accepting that yes, I have anxiety is the first and most important step towards betterment. We often get stuck in denial, consciously or unconsciously due to social stereotypes. To accept it, we have already accomplished and overcome the barrier of stigma.

Consulting a professional:

A counseling or clinical psychologist can guide you in your healing journey. Therapy can be one of the most efficient battlegrounds for your struggle with anxiety.

Exercise and diet:

As the quote goes, “A healthy mind resides in a healthy body” is true. You can feel calm and relaxed by exercising, gym or doing yoga- whatever sails your boat. Diet, in the long run impacts our level of mental abilities, endurance, and behavior.

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Anxiety is a mental state that we all have felt at some point or the other, the crisis occurs when it is too much and impairs our functioning in everyday life. Seeing personalities like politicians, sportspeople and actors can help us to accept and stop seeing it as something to be ashamed of.

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