Friendships: Source of happiness and mental wellbeing

Friendships: Source of happiness and mental wellbeing

Man being a social animal always craves for relationships. Among many relationships, friendship is one of the most pure and healthy one. Although defining friendship is a difficult task but somehow, we can say that friendships lie where there is mutual emotions for each other. It’s always a two-way relationship. Research in developmental psychology states that onset of friendship is first seen in primary school group, where children want to be friends with their batch mates so that they can play and have fun. Eventually when they grow old, they need friends to whom they can trust and share their secrets with. Research evidences shows us that good friendship at a younger age helps them to adjust with the society.

Adolescence is one of the best times for forming friendship. At this stage its more of a bond rather than play. Teenagers is of the complicated age group so they want someone of their age who will be able to understand them and fall under their parameter. Teenagers reflect themselves by their friends. Their identity development is depended on friendships. At that stage, their friends play crucial role more than their family.

During adulthood, friendship is more of a mature one, where they provide companionship, affection, emotional support which leads to positive mental health. They mostly tackle their workplace problems by having quality of friends.

Older adults with their friends enjoy their retirement life. They help them to cope up with their problems in a better manner.

Psychological benefits of friendship:

In every walk of life, we have a bunch of friends. Even without knowing, the time we spend with them adds a happy hormone to our mental health. The connection we form, has a significant effect on our mental health. Research has shown that friendship help us to connect with yourself. The bond we share, helps us to increase our self-esteem. Friendship helps us to share our emotions with each other. In these stressful lives of ours, spending some quality hours with friends helps us to elevate stress and leads to happiness. During difficult times of our lives, such as going through with trauma, relationship issues or joblessness, but if you are with your friends, they these difficult times turns a little easy. It boosts our self-confidence and self-worth. In a nutshell they are happy hormones in a human form. With those buddies you celebrate your good times and you have their back in bad times. With friends, life becomes little easier. They are true gems for your both physical and mental health.

Become their source of light in the darkness:

Life these days are turning difficult. Being stuck in pandemic, we all are losing our calm. In these times we should be they’re with our friends. It isn’t about posting a picture in social media. Its about a constant support that you give them. Be with them, whenever they require you. Call them and check on them. Make their moments special just ensuring them that you are with them. Mental health is not about only yours, it’s about others too. Encourage them to speak about things they are suffering. Listen to them. Life is all about kindness and as mentioned, it’s a two-side relationship. You need to be with them, if expect them to be with you. Love the, care them and support them.

Nurture your friendship:

Maintaining any healthy relationships is give and take. This friendship day promise your friend a better friendship and a strong one. To nurture your relationship with friends:

Give time: time is the most important factor of relationship. Take out some time in this busy life for your friends. Talk with them, watch film, eat together and have fun. Be there when they need you.

Understand them: sometimes the things that appear is not the real scenario. You have to understand them and their problems. Sometimes they couldn’t be available for you, so before throwing any tantrums try to know the WHY? Behind it. try to put yourself in their shoes.

Listen: cannot solve their problems without listening to them. Listening is an art which needs to developed. You have to keep your calm and actively listening to them.

Love and trust them: give them love and care. Every relationship can be shaped with unconditional love and support. Trust them and make them to trust you.

Making good friends can be a matter of luck, but maintaining it is an art. They are your constant support, source of happiness and wellbeing. Keep them close with you. This friendship day give them your time and unconditional love. Be a happy hormone to their mental health. You have to believe that you are their first therapist, so guide them well. Check their every move and make their mental health a priority.

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