Anxiety of losing a job and their solution

Anxiety of losing a job and their solution

Anxiety is a common emotional state that is experienced by everyone. It can arise in response to encountering a problem at work, entering an unfamiliar setting or a challenging situation. It’s a normal part of life to experience occasional anxiety but some may experience it that is persistent seemingly uncontrollable and overwhelming. If it’s an excessive irrational dread that interferes with everyday activities then one may have an ANXIETY DISORDER.

Job loss brings a lot of stress to the majority of the population. Sudden job loss will definitely cause a Psychological impact. A person suffering from anxiety or depression might become more anxious or depressed with a job loss,however, normal persons too develop stress but it will be a temporary one and can handle by oneself and will recover after getting the next job. If you lost your job,you might develop anxiety thinking what made you lose your job and you will end up with self blaming, blaming others and fear factor thinking how to handle the finance. And if your family and self-responsibility is higher then the anxiety will be higher. First thing one should do is to be accept the current situation that your job is lost. Then comes the next steps ahead. Anxiety causes both physiological and psychological issues which one must be aware of it first. Physiological factors includes heart palpitations, chest pain, shortness of breath ,panic attack , sudden blacking out, terror or impending doom. Psychological symptoms includes problem with concentration, difficulty to stay at a task,hopelessness ,lethargy etc
Handling anxiety after a job loss: “Emotional ventilation” . It’s that you have to vent out your thoughts , narrate the event how you lost your job , what you are undergoing currently both physically and mentally. Atleast to the person whom you are close to. After this stage your mind will be in a clear state of what you have to do after this.( If you have physical symptoms you should consult a professional).

Discuss how to handle your finance till you get your next job. “Rationalizing your thoughts” whether this worrying really going to turn into something good? You can try turn your passion into work. Set targets , work towards and achieve it. Positive thinking plays a vital role in handling emotional lows. Eg take this job loss as an opportunity to get better than before. “Productive entertainment” try to entertain and engage yourself in some useful ways to reduce your stress. (Diverting from the original trigger of the stress won’t destroy it permanently ,you have to probe it and face the problem to find a solution for it) Usually we will face a decline in our intrinsic motivation when we face trouble, take that situation as challenging, seek professional help if you find difficult handling by yourself.


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