A teacher graded his students a day before passing away

A teacher graded his students a day before passing away

A teacher graded his students before passing

Teacher’s have a significant impact on students’ life. They cultivate, encourage, boost and teach them to be their best selves. An inspiring example of commitment, a teacher made sure that all his pupils’ homework was evaluated when he passed away. A picture was taken by his daughter of working from his hospital bed to record that tragic moment. He took effort by bringing his laptop and charger even though he was ill and knew that he was going to the emergency room. Unfortunately, the kind teacher passed away the next day. His picture went viral, and his daughter’s heartfelt remarks highlighted the often-unseen additional time teachers put in for their pupils.

Teacher’s resilience & commitment

This story encourages evaluation of a teacher’s strength and dedication towards their duties, instead of taking care of self during the time of their sickness. The process by which a variety of risk factors – things that will render it more difficult to cope – and also protective factors, things that will help you to cope and interact are combined is known as teacher resilience. Teachers who are resilient and have positive emotions can foster a joyful learning environment for their pupils and pupils’ appreciation helps teachers to enjoy personally as well as socially. Professionally teachers who continue to do a good job and stay in that work area have a positive impact on students’ learning. The commitment or dedication of teachers towards their students encompasses their tendency to support students and accept responsibility for their education. Also establish secure and encouraging learning settings, celebrate pupils’ growth not only their success, give opportunities to reflect and make goals as well as cultivate a feeling of belonging inside the community of the school.

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A psychological perspective

This story influences the conversation on the importance and consequences of intrinsic motivation, resilience as well as the effect of a fulfilling professional life on the whole mental well-being. Intrinsic motivation is linked to improved conceptual learning, increased creativity, cognitive flexibility, behavioral determination, and also improvement of well-being. It raises positive feelings and chemicals in the brain that contribute to a positive well-being. Resilience has a key role in the delaying the emergence of mental health issues as well as possibly decreasing the severity of those who already exist. It also enhances problem-solving skills, develop & maintain interpersonal relationships as well as realistic setting of goals. The advantages of having a work-life balance might lower both anxiety and tension: People have a greater ability to handle the stress caused on by their jobs when they spend their time in activities they like outside of work. Anxiety may lessen as a result, and improve the state of mental health.

Other impacts are:
  • Boost self-confidence
  • Encourage the feeling of being optimistic
  • Ignore self-blame all the time
  • Self-image in a positive way as well as self-esteem etc.

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Mental health challenges at work place

Furthermore, this narrative also might encourage a wider discussion on the importance of recognizing and addressing mental health issues at workplace. Mental health issues could have a overall negative impact on a person’s life, self-esteem as well as sense of self during workplace and their ability to perform effectively, frequency of absences, and even their ability to find or keep a job in the lack of adequate guidance.

There are various challenges and issue:
  • Insecurity of job
  • Conflict issues among work and family
  • Problem in having a good relationship with others at work place
  • Increase in the demands for performance
  • Improper self-care, etc.
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